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  1. Good to see. I look at this and just see it as a reflection on the public opinions of the time. I was a very young kid back in the 90’s when they started taxing tobacco heavily but I see a lot of similarities with that too.

  2. My girlfriend and I had covid even though we are double-vaccinated. We haven't been able to get the booster shot yet as they're only for the 50+ in Quebec as of right now. It was most likely omicron. It was awful. I resent those who, out of ignorance, have given this novel coronavirus the opportunity to mutate in their bodies, especially in a country like Canada, where the mRNA vaccine is free and easy available to all. I want to see them pay for their ignorance. A tax is a start but it's not enough. Anti-vaxxers' ignorance is criminal and if it was up to me, they would all get thrown in jail.

  3. I'm just worried that if there's WW3 I would be forced to enlist in the military and be sent to an almost certain death. I'm a man in my 20s.

  4. Hahah, this is the funniest thing I have read today! How could you ever accidentally take a university course a second time, without realizing? Hahahahahahaha!

  5. My advisor was able to get me a [E] grade for the course, which basically means that it doesn't affect my GPA.

  6. How were you even able to register for it a second time if you already took it once

  7. I'm asking myself the same question. In all cases, Minerva just let me take it again and it was 100% my fault for not double-checking my unofficial transcript.

  8. What makes Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) better than their traditional silicon or thin film counterparts? First, they are cheaper to make and their fabrication can be accomplished with relatively simple methods, such as solution spin coating. Second, they have a higher band gap than silicon and thin film cells, which means that they can be combined with them to make a more complete photovoltaic system that absorbs a greater percentage of the solar spectrum and achieves higher efficiency than either cell type individually. For more information, read

  9. What are the downsides to using this tech? If it cheaper and more efficient, everyone would be doing it. Is it because it is new and novel? Are there risks to the tech or manufacturing process?

  10. There are several. They degrade quickly when exposed to moisture, oxygen, or high heat/prolonged periods of light exposure. Scaling the production of uniform and high-performance PSCs to an industrial level is not feasible currently. Also, their true long-term performance is unclear. This is because traditionally, measuring the efficiency of solar cells is done with an I-V curve, but with PSCs, this is not reliable, as the curve can change depending on how varied the voltage is as well as how it is scanned (high -> low or low -> high).

  11. Isn't Zarant (spelling?) like 47 as of a few hours ago?

  12. Yeah actually I was wrong, Tommys and Tactics are second overall, still pretty damn impressive.

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