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  1. I have a OG Google Pixel and I transfer all my photos/videos from my 4a5G to it with Syncthing

  2. But does that not mean your phone setup depends on your OG Pixel working? If that goes, what happens? Will you lose photos? Will their quality be downgraded?

  3. Does Syncthing preserve original modification dates or does it change them? For example, I really like Solid Explorer becomes it preserves the original date so when I move a file from my phone to my PC the original modification date is untouched.

  4. Just like OnePlus had the slider, Google had finger printer scanner on the back of their phones. It was so convenient. They could've added under the screen scanner without removing the scanner on the back.

  5. The average Android user actively dislikes updates.

  6. That's because I'm constantly worried about what they're going to break or remove this time.

  7. I would also suggest Galaxy S22, if you don't mind an Exynos chip in Europe.

  8. Google Duo was, as expected and planned, removed and is now called Meet. I HATE this change sooo much. Elderly relatives finally knew that Duo was for video calling. The interface was easy and simple. Now Duo is suddenly gone, which is bound to confuse them and they will panic and assume their phones have been hacked because apps shouldn't disappear like that. Then there's suddenly a new app that mentions meeting codes, has NO Call button, but a New button. This change is in the top five of stupid Google things and there have been an awful lot of stupid things they've done recently. Once again Google proves that you just cannot rely on anything they provide. It will be cancelled, changed beyond recognition, downgraded or they'll say they've improved it while making it unusable.

  9. This is the problem thinking that change == progress. It does not, but that's what Google's whole culture is built on apparently. So anyone who wants to get promoted will change things, even when it's absolutely not needed in order to demonstrate how well they've done and get their promotion and move on, but the product may get destroyed in the process. Until this changes, Google is not very dependable except for the products that would be catastrophic to change.

  10. I get that Signal is a Reddit darling and if anyone says anything negative about it they get downvoted into oblivion, but I lasted 3 months using it. Its setup was difficult compared to other messaging services, less people use it, lack of quality customer support, and the final straw was being locked out after 30 days for not providing a code they admitted was never sent to me. Just a shitty experience all around. And now the core feature, security, isn't a given?

  11. Basing one's main selling point on security and privacy is very risky because anyone can get hacked, but when that's your main selling point it's disastrous.

  12. Many phones already have manual control of ISO and shutter speed, including the biggest android OEM, Samsung.

  13. Samsung's camera app is very impressive! Not only do they have manual focus but they have focus peaking too (

  14. Their camera apps were fantastic. Lumia 950 also has a very nice camera app with lots of manual controls, including manual focus adjustment, ISO and shutter speed. The only thing it lacks is better temperature control, it just has "Sunny", "Cloudy", etc. settings, whereas LG's camera app allows you adjust values (numbers), which makes it more precise.

  15. Is YouTube social media? I think of it as just a big bunch of videos.

  16. I wish YouTube would add a more advanced commenting system. Thus turning it into not social media, but like a video focused forum. It would be so good to discuss videos with threaded replies, embedded video replies, images, etc. Would be great for discussions, educational videos. Videos are so long and so very produced now, there is vastness of information on YouTube. What lacks is the commentary system.

  17. Sony seems to be liked by everyone, but I don't know if those likes convert to purchases. Personally, I think they are great phones, I like the design, features (power pass-through is so convenient! It should be in Android by default), but their cameras are terrible. I don't know why they are so praised. The quality is poor. Have you checked the samples in the review? No, it's not "natural and like a real camera", it's simple, it looks bad.

  18. I'm from Buenos Aires, and I say kill 'em all!

  19. I always found it unusual how the characters were from Buenos Aires. It caught me off guard at first. It's just it's not the usual movie character location place that I'd expect. It was the same with aliens landing in Johannesburg in District 9.

  20. They should add OCR to the Recents view like Pixels have it (Select). At first I thought it was a waste of space but now I use it all the time. It's amazingly convenient.

  21. I am yet to check all the comparisons here, but why is there an almost a megabyte difference in file size in all of S22 vs 4a pictures. Pretty much all S22 pics are of 0.75 - 0.88 MB size, while 4a's pics are of 1.78 - 1.88 MB.

  22. Very! It's not just incompetence. It's the culture too. They need to constantly "innovate" instead of iterating and improving to get promoted. That's why very few Google's products are dependable and often perfectly fine products get killed off.

  23. Samsung is on top of their game! It's very impressive that they're number one but still won't slow down and in fact are ramping up the efforts. Even Google does not do 4 years of software updates.

  24. Any workarounds for non-pixel phones? I have OnePlus 8 and the recent screens like PayPal etc are black when you try to pull them up

  25. It's by design. Some apps add a setting not to allow screenshots for privacy just in case there some background app that is silently taking screenshots.

  26. Can I just have Pixel 5 with modern mid range SoC, 120Hz screen and an upgraded camera?

  27. I think Google is the only company where I am afraid of updates and changes instead of welcoming them. Every time they "update" something, the first thing I think is "what useful feature have they taken away or ruined this time". It feels like the company is being sabotaged from within. If they remove and lock enough from their platform that iOS becomes attractive, then I'll go iOS, it is a better OS.

  28. Recently I had to move my WhatsApp folder to another phone. Zipped, the folder was 5.4GB in size. I could not connect my Type-C drive and move the file to it as my USB Type-C drive is formatted in FAT format so my Android phone can read it. I had to connect my phone to my PC, move the file to that, and then connect another phone and move it off. With exFAT I can format my Type-C drive into that format, my Android phone will be able to read it, Windows will be able to read it, Linux will be able to read it and I will be able to put a 5.4GB file on it too.

  29. NGL I'm really going to miss the physical fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 5. Why do they always fuck with stuff that works?

  30. Not only did it work, but it was a signature feature of the Pixel line. They could've kept it and added the screen fingerprint reader.

  31. For the life of me, I don't understand what's so f***ing hard for Samsung to implement ZSL on their app. Also, for some reason it always seems like 90%+ of reviewers fail to mention this. It's beyond a sub-par experience from $700+ devices in 2022).

  32. ZSL is not a simple change. It's a change of the whole approach to taking pictures. ZSL means Pixels take images with very high ISO and fast shutter speed. This results in images that are full of noise and grain, which Pixels have to process and clean up later. It's not easy, that's the whole party trick of Pixel phones. And even with that Pixels end up with lots of noise in the end, so you'll capture pictures of your kids running around with no blur but they'll be very noisy.

  33. The noise in Pixel photos seems to have been entirely fixed by the new sensors on the S6.

  34. Wouldn't be another pixel release without more insufferable toxicity from the same old crowd. We get it, you hate Google and think they are trash. Pretty soon it will just be Samsung and Apple, and then I guess you win.

  35. Agreed regarding the 808, no other camera before or since has created that authentic "camera" feel like the 808. Soft, yet highly detailed images it produced are still unmatched. Images truly looked "pure".

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