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  1. That kind of stuff never bothered me. They have a ton of songs and it allows them to expand their set list, while probably giving him confidence as well. I will miss the compilations of him messing up lyrics tho lol

  2. Man fuck anyone that breaks up over text, especially in a long term relationship like that. It just makes you feel so worthless and pathetic that they can’t even respect you enough to look you in the eye and do it. Our friends hang out with her more now which honestly is fine, she’s gone to me fuck that. I forgave her to the point that I don’t care anymore, anyone who does that needs to grow up

  3. Not sure how long you’ll be staying in the area, but other than Gillette/patriot place there really isn’t a ton to do in the Foxborough area, so if it’s for a day or two you’ll be fine. Also idk if you’re renting a car or not, but def don’t park in the stadium. Just about every lot on route 1 opens up for game day parking and the further back the cheaper it is plus you don’t get slammed in traffic!

  4. I noticed that before we were dating, all I’d see were happy couples. Once we started dating, it never even came across my mind. And now since we broke up, it’s been like it was before. Our brains are just searching for couples when we aren’t in a relationship I guess lol

  5. Yeah, was thinking the same. Before she broke up with me, I couldn't care less about other couples, now I see them everywhere. I guess we're cursed to miss what we don't have.

  6. Yeah def agree with the miss what we don’t have. weird example, but It’s kind of like when you just buy a new car and all of a sudden you just see so many people driving that car. Idk what, it is but like when we subconsciously look for something, it’s all we see. It’s just depressing in this case

  7. I totally felt the same way. I’ve made a lot of great improvements but I wouldn’t be here if If it wasn’t for her. I’m on 10 months

  8. It’s so weird, like I feel like I’m better off in self improvement, but it’s almost as if it doesn’t matter? I think I’m a better person than I was with her, but I feel like I’m still searching for approval from her for some reason. Learning to accept yourself for you is tougher than I thought lmao

  9. If they don’t communicate their needs in a healthy way, it’s never going to work. I’m def looking for very open and honest communication as I need to work on it as well

  10. There is a song on my Liked list I keep skipping because he would sing to me, wonder if he skips it too.

  11. Yeah the unknown is really the killer in this whole thing isn’t it? Like we know it’s over so we shouldn’t care, but that never really works for me at least. I guess all we can do is just try to normalize things as best as possible

  12. My ex def showed a ton of dismissive avoidant traits and our mutual friends said she has never brought me up at all. Probably just pushing it way down to avoid any grief. So idk if there is a set timetable, but I’d imagine everyone feels it at some point if it was a committed relationship. Probably doesn’t give a fuck about me tho lol

  13. Never really found a great way to deal with it, but my only method that kinda worked was just get out of bed as soon as possible. The sooner I did stuff (showered, got ready for work etc) the better I felt. Basically just try to fill down time as best as you can, it’s still pretty difficult

  14. Still in the recovery process but this sub was huge for me in the couple months after the breakup. It let me vent to people who understood what I was going through while also reading stories of people who went through the same thing. But it’s also good to slowly get away from it as time goes on, or else it’ll be really easy to stay in this cycle of sadness/anger. So to sum it up, yes this sub is super helpful but make sure you focus on yourself as well to move on

  15. I was also blindsided by my BU a few months ago. Similar thing, she was more tired and complained about lack of sleep until she eventually broke up over text. I honestly don’t remember much from those first couple weeks after the fact, but I know that gut feeling you have rn. Nothing I say now will fix anything, but I promise you that you will survive. I never thought I could live without her and now it’s been 6 months and I’m still here. I reached out and semi regret it, but I was so stunned that I didn’t want to believe she was already so far gone.

  16. He seems super nice and I think I read somewhere he’s been turning photos down for awhile, but I don’t blame you at all lmao I’d be stuttering all over the place

  17. I did such a double take when he came on 🤣 I had no idea he was in this show

  18. I know we’ll cross paths again at some point in our lives since our best friends set us up, but hopefully it isn’t anytime soon lol. I def have the rose colored glasses off now and I’m seeing way more of the stuff that bothered me than before, it’s just so weird seeing any trace of her as I basically had to treat it like she died even though she’s still out there. So weird.

  19. Some people just aren’t ready for what it takes to be in a relationship. They only want the good feelings and times that come with it, but don’t want to put the work in that requires to maintain a relationship. Whatever the reason why they do this doesn’t matter, as it won’t make it any easier. I’m sorry you’re going through it and hope you know it isn’t a reflection on you. Some people just aren’t at a point in their life where they can handle it and it just fucking sucks

  20. Letting Jesse’s girlfriend choke on her own vomit is right up there

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