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  1. I like the idea of solo queue but id rather have it not be a different dungeon and implement some sort of honor or tittle system, like i dont want extra rewards for the sake of going solo but make the merchants for example acknowledge that i got out solo and give me extra gold for selling stuff or a discount or make them sell me rare/sligthly better items

  2. “I don’t want extra rewards for solo, but I want extra rewards for solo” hmmm

  3. Hey don't hate on googlers dude, lol that's how I make my living

  4. I know they are not cartoons but trigun, TTGL, GTO (great teacher onizuka) are all old gems that deserve a watch

  5. I am just so glad i can finally scream at tell my teammates that there are players around rather than hit the floor with my torch and spam crouch like a caveman.

  6. Im cool with it, im a solo player mostly but i loved getting to 1v3 , well see how it turns out maybe there is a way to balance it out by making loot worse until the very end where the boss spawns and he drops the good loot making the end "circle" a free for all on who kills the boss while killing/surviving other players

  7. You're not passing any parameters to your function, which defeats the purpose of a function. Getting rid of the function will make your code run if you run the file it is located in.

  8. ok , i got the function working , how do i call it ? by function name ? do i include the Get (EG: Get-AddAccounting) ?

  9. Why not just run a command to add the dl to the user in powershell?

  10. might as well do it manually at that point since it would require to edit the script ? or i guess i could make a script for each department (they have multiple DL)

  11. Is it because they are vegan or is it because they stood in front of a moving truck 🤔

  12. Internet points so welcome to the team degen my friend

  13. Usually it means you or your logic are flawed, but i guess youre not rdy for that convo

  14. Usually not. Refusing to come in is going to be treated as fired for cause or no call, no show quitting.

  15. Is this still true if the wfh is in the contract ? My company isnt pushing this but always good to know

  16. There will always be some sweaty nerd thats horny ( im all of those just not for the adapter )

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