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  1. Fr he was answering another tab on his computer. Lazy bones

  2. Ur a fucking baby I thought people bitching people about controller players were a meme. Get better

  3. Yeah I just recently binged the whole thing and I didn't even notice.

  4. Can’t stand extra-time. I just want to live in a world were games go straight to pens.

  5. bron bron turned into boris diaw for a series for some reason

  6. this is the worst round of 16 ever. all the favorites are winning im sick. after seeing so many non european teams perform well its disheartening to see the same boring countries make the quarters. this will be terrible for the spread of the game

  7. These booty teams every cup win just to lose before the final 4. This year they don't need to waste our time

  8. I think 8 divisions would make the most sense. Get rid of Eastern/Western conferences and just seed the playoffs 1-16. All division winners make the playoffs, but not necessarily host a first round series.

  9. Criticism is fine. Trae has a bad shot diet and plays hero ball sometimes when he shouldn’t. He could have handled this situation better.

  10. Yes, but it’s heading towards the goal. If it wasn’t I get the rule but it’s potentially preventing a scoring opportunity.

  11. While groups of 4 are still better than groups of 3, it still sucks. Third place teams advancing has ruined the Euros group stages.

  12. Imagine attacking the Law the state has because ur precious Biden hate stickers failed to make it to NJ. Sit down and cry

  13. I bet on France to win 3-0 I'm stressin

  14. You could've explained this without the name calling.

  15. Hey Reddit! To celebrate the Winter Summit, we're giving away some goodies! The full terms and conditions are linked here:

  16. the same way I would.... run after it and grab the handle lol

  17. Yeah it would be stopped by the time she got it to it. Too slow. Help the person up

  18. Guess who is making money on those fees. Hint: it’s not Ticketmaster.

  19. No it’s not, don’t they need another goal???

  20. If you don't even know why call it stupid it's a wrap

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