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  1. Can you link the post you saw? I saw it earlier today, but I can’t find it anymore.

  2. I could not post that other sub as folks would be like "???", but I figured it would be appreciated here. Goes to show that with careful planning (and optimal conditions), you should oversize if building an east/west array if wanting to maximize output.

  3. The article never mentions the couple having any symptoms or feeling sick at all. So why did they voluntarily get tested?

  4. My wife and I just got off the Celebrity Apex. While on board the captain announced early in the week that over 30 people (guests and staff) had tested positive for COVID. I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I tested negative ~24 hours before embarkation. My job requires that I get tested every three days before going into the office. My test came back positive. I have congestion and a cough, but nothing too severe at the moment.

  5. Assuming warranties and workmanship are the same, I would choose quote #3. There is no way you will ever make up the cost difference when comparing quote quote 3 to 1 and 2. Regarding quote 4, I wouldn’t even consider Tesla due to poor support and likely not great workmanship.

  6. Ya, I think I’m just going to wait until 2023 to add more panels. I’ll just start off with the “free” 2.45kW system.

  7. What happens if you max your Roth but end up making too much, what can you do?

  8. Been in this situation before. You can reclassify your roth contributions as traditional.

  9. Bear in mind the interest rate will be going up this coming year.

  10. Could I pay for a retrofit on my 2019 SR+ to usb c please? 🤑

  11. You can do it for your rear ports. I did it for my 2019 Model 3. Lots of YouTube videos. Very easy and took 5 min.

  12. we invented cars, internet, nuclear energy, we sent people to space and yet we still have to wipe our motherfucking ass hole

  13. Oh, but that maple butter blondie they had was so freaking good. I haven’t been in ages so I don’t know if they still serve it.

  14. I used to go to Applebees and order just this desert and nothing else. It was one of my favorite deserts of all time.

  15. Buy AAPL in Sept 2012 for $25 sold in Nov 2012 for $19. Currently @ $150.

  16. Don’t mean to make the pain worst, but your not accounting for the splits. In 2012 stock value, it’s currently @ $4200

  17. I was thinking about this same setup with my 3090 FE, but I wanted to sidemount the 280mm AIO.

  18. no thanks. best buy drops are shitshows. last time i went to one there were bestbuy employees from other stores scalping. people starting fights. best buy does not help at all.

  19. Thank you for this. As someone with the same build as you, I am planning on doing mine this weekend.

  20. Try to stay away from OEM’s (Dell, HP, ect) and focus more on buying from an SI (NZXT, CyberPower, iBUYPower, ect).

  21. It’s still hard to get any of these gpu so you should know it’s gonna be overpriced it’s 1.399$

  22. I found that XMP was off with my Streaming Pro PC. You may want to check and turn it on.

  23. OEM is not great, but HP omen is probably the best OEM desktop. BIOS will be limited as usual.

  24. I have this prebuilt from NZXT. The 3090 is a founders edition. Due to the cooling design of the FE GPU, the H510 actually does very well even when the GPU is under full load.

  25. Thanks just trying to make sure I’m making a good choice. Will be my first be gaming pc in 15 years. Been on Console now forever. Time to up grade

  26. If you are a console gamer, the latest consoles have more power than the starter pro. But if your looking to game on a PC in general, it’s a great machine for most folks.

  27. The niece still would not be able to go because N would have to say no (or N would be a poor mother). The idea is that there is no way to shift the blame to the bride which should have not been done in the first place.

  28. Not factorial its just 204824 (actually 2256, not 2264 because there are 8 bits of checksum).

  29. I realized my mistake shortly after I wrote it (the seed would have to be 2048 long my statement to be correct). Thank you for noting the correction.

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