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Alright 343, we all know you have these modes and are saving them for events, hand over our beloved modes.

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  1. No shit lady. The fed is ran by idiots.

  2. Jesus… How wrong we were.

  3. You assume he didn’t “realize”. In truth he never gave a shit.

  4. How to lose your CDL 101.

  5. OP. Why are you posting 6 year old articles?

  6. This robots about to get cancelled.

  7. So they own all the data and we’re supposed to believe their self-valuation? Do the restaurant industry a favor and go pick up your own food and don’t contribute to this parasitic business model.

  8. OP. Are you trying to make Kombucha or a giant pellicle? The scoby is the liquid below the pellicle and that’s where the yeast and bacteria do their magic.

  9. That’s right. I might get confused by this.

  10. I highly recommend toss the pellicle out and stir your batch up every 3 days. It’ll cut your fermentation time down 50% or more.

  11. Also throw in girls named Tiffany.

  12. The middle one has a chub….

  13. It’s crazy that a lot of people actually quit and still manage to collect unemployment.

  14. How exactly do microplastics contribute to obesity? Do they make people eat more?

  15. Plastic chemicals can react in the body similar to hormones which as we know have an effect on how the body accumulated and stores fat.

  16. I agree. Halo should be sucking people into the game pass ecosystem through its awesomeness, not nickel-and-diming customers like some cheap mobile rip off artists.

  17. This whole deal reeks of an overzealous financial controller higher up the Microsoft food chain taking a look at the profit/loss margin for Halo and demanding some cost recovery measures. I can’t imagine Phil Spencer or whoever’s managing 343 would have gone along with this on their own.

  18. This is the pellicle not the actual scoby. The scoby is the liquid below. Assuming your F1 is far enough along, you can remove the pellicle and throw it away— allowing the batch more oxygen and speeding up the process.

  19. We’re pretty much in a political climate where one party will support or oppose anything counter to the opposition.

  20. The stir thing was getting me. I tried that and it helped.

  21. Explain this raisen thing to me.

  22. Honestly the game would still have this shit system if it was 60 bucks. This shit is in all multiplayer games.

  23. At least we all agree it’s a “shit” system.

  24. For retail price of $29.99.

  25. Was he remote viewing, or was he just tripping fucking balls?

  26. I do believe the CIA stumbled onto something but Martian giants a million years ago? Yea I can’t accept that without some physical evidence to support.

  27. Hi! I'm the reporter that wrote this story. Here's a bit of the story:

  28. Aka “our merchandise is too expensive and consumers can get the same products for less money elsewhere”.

  29. Cool gun but not enough damage. It’ll lose 9/10 matchups against the BR or AR. It’s a clumsy oversized sidekick.

  30. I remember 343 saying that some playlists are heavily requested by the community and then end up with very low player counts. Like you say, a customs browser will help.

  31. I’m so burned out on CTF and Oddball that every time it comes up I just back out and reload until I get slayer.

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