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  1. Hey Dredge is a very intelligent boi. I hear he made it into Yale.

  2. M8 this is a video game, if you really love your gf, talk to her. And consider is league worth your relationship? The time, the memories, the person you love or league. If it really comes down to it are you willing to end it over a video game?

  3. No? Myers is evil incarnate, but in his universe. Even if the Entity underestimated how evil he is that doesn't make him more powerful. Look at Moris and Devour Hope, both are the entity allowing less empowered characters to outright kill. I don't think the entity would allow someone to just end people if it got nothing out of it. To go beyond that myers needs add-ons to kill people, it isn't just a by product of him existing. I believe (and I could very much be wrong about this) the entity gives add-ons to survivors and killers, if it didn't want him to kill why would it let him? Further its proven to do things like yoink freddy from yhe dream dimension. Myers is the shape of evil, but only in the halloween universe, his power pales in comparison to beings like the oni or freddy even

  4. I never said he was more powerful all I asked was if he was more evil because he's technically evilness itself, so please answer the question properly

  5. If him being "more evil" than the entity expected isn't somehow affecting his abilities or giving him a greater degree of freedom (also known as being more powerful) how would that affect him entering or leaving the trials without the entities consent/killing survivors without the entity allowing it. You're asking if his evilness is greater than expected but won't concede that for that to have any relevance it must be tied to power. So to answer your question, A.) It isn't relevant to the post and B.) No, the entity stalks its prey for months, years or in some cases decades (Carmina and Adiris are prime examples) and is very, very picky with its targets. It more than likely knows all there is to know about mikey. He might be the shape of evil, but that only applies to his own universe (the halloween franchise) and doesn't really support the idea he can defy the entities considerable influence.

  6. I feel like it would have been more humane to suffocate them with halon

  7. Yea buyt halon is expensive and restricted in some countries I believe

  8. I'm sure someone would bitch it'd modeling for advantage, but it sure as hell is dope af, nice job

  9. Body blocking is a mechanic, its a feature not a bug. If youre using it to say trap a player in a corner, or hold survivors hostage, that's bannable, but using it to stop them from getting to hook is completely fine.

  10. Hey homie, it's important to remember to take breaks. If you've lost 2 games or aren't feeling great about them, take a break. Go outside, drink some water, touch grass, anything to clear your head. You are gonna lose some survivors, you will lose gens. But it's important to remember that the experience you get from that will make you a better killer as long as you learn from it. So what if they complete 4 gens in 3 minutes? You've got time to make it up.

  11. A hunk, a daddy, certified-eyes-popping-out-of-my-head-awoooooga-baddie, just a delicious beautiful jedi master

  12. This Sally looks like a cutie, thwy were just being affected by nurse'd passive (it makes people salty)

  13. R1 - Tank clears pretty easy. With the weapons restrictions and no need to refuel, they can basically just focus on driving and avoiding traps.

  14. I disagree, theyre all well and good to get out of Florida, until a veritable sea of tweakers swarm the tanks armed with just about anything they can get their hands on. Assuming the crackheads didn't get lucky or didnt clog the treads with their corpses all it would take is jamming up every road way with every vehicle and piece of large debris they can find. Pending on the starting point they might not even make it out of florida (if they start in the Keys no shot in hell they even make it to Miami let alone out of the state)

  15. Realistically it's because it would give killers more information and they aren't willing to accept that. The difference between brown and green toolbox repair speeds is wild and if you know they have it you know what to expect. If you don't know you lose information, and it becomes harder to prioritize a specific gen rat. Or for example if you hook Jake and Claudette comes to unhook, and a gen you know had no progress pops 45 seconds later you can assume the one with the better toolbox did it especially if you have discordance or tinkerer pops twice.

  16. Jokes on you, I sometimes contemplate running Franklins if I see 2 items. 2!

  17. Pain rese is just v strong right now, especially given how fast survivors csn power through a gen with hyperfocus, stakeout, a tool box and a brand new part. It's not required but it means you won't have to sweat as hard. Gens are going by much faster theb they used to and often times I find if I'm not running pain rese, deadlock and corrupt, even if I find and down a survivor within the first 45 seconds a gen is popping.

  18. Yeah, gen rush is the new thing in DBD right now. 90 seconds never seemed to be such a blink like it is now. Even in the 80s days...

  19. If you run into hyper focus, stakeout, toolbox its about 45 seconds. Its not uncommon to have survivors pop a gen in 45-60 seconds. Combine that with a good medkit or circle of healing and they heal between 24 and 9 seconds. It's still possible to play other perks but the survivors need to be megheads or you have to be a chase God to get consistent results. Slugging is rough becaise of exponential, unbreakable and soul guard screwing with recovery times, and reassurance and or kinship mean you can't proxy camp someone into stage 2. The meta shake up was a good idea but I think somethings need rebalancing.

  20. Good gods I hope OP leaves their bf becaise Jesus fuck. Firstly your identity doesn't change because you're with a man, secondly if he can't handle you making a tame joke because he's insecure about your sexuality he doesnt respect your identity and needs therapy

  21. I'm bisexual which means I'm attracted to the world and the entity

  22. Your objective is to kill all the survivors. Making a choice to not do so actively hurts your mmr and rank progression. You give hatch when Y O U want to, not because an unwritten rule book says you should. Don't ruin the game for yourself because someone feels entitled to hatch. If they were better players they'd've escaped by their own volition.

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