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  1. An absolute yes on the face, that was something I was really disappointed with in Jodies titles. I had hoped that when Graham and Ryan left they would add it in, as there would be space in the credits. Even with Dan added in there still would have been time for the Doctors face to briefly appear before the logo.

  2. What if I told you that Jodie does appear in the titles? Or well her silhouette! It is very subtle but briefly you can see the Doctor's silhouette!

  3. Around 0:24 - 0:24 though it is REALLY subtle, so much it is practically an Easter egg

  4. These types of memes are just incredibly disingenuous

  5. I’m 99% sure that Rattigan did that without the Doctor’s consent, where the Doctor threatens the Sontarans, and Rattigan hijacks the signal. Also Davros calls out the Tenth Doctor for “turning people into weapons”.

  6. "13 gets no such call out" Eve of the Daleks? The whole point of that story is the Doctor's actions coming back to get her.

  7. Really?! I knew they were bad but I didn't know they were THAT bad... geezus...

  8. Yeah... I do know about these, they are awful and I don't know how any of these people can even CLAIM to be fans of the show, their horrific views go against everything the character and show as a whole believes in. It genuinely makes me angry when these kinds of people claim they are speaking for the "fans", I would hope fans of the show are better than any of these people.

  9. It’s crazy how little marketing/promotion there is for this compared to the 60th that’s happening much later. They’re both anniversaries episodes so there’s really no excuse. People talk about Chibnall being secretive but I’m surprised the BBC itself doesn’t want to promote this more.

  10. The Centenary is 5 months away though. The only reason we are hearing so much about the 60th is because they are currently filming.

  11. I’m starting to believe that the Tennant special(s) is meant to be entirely a one-off and actually address the possibility of regenerating back to a previous face, and ultimately that they and we, as an audience, need to move on

  12. Yeah I could see it as a sort of message about the past and moving on.

  13. But she never does that. She listens to every word he says and wants to say something but can't find the words. That is the point, it is to show it is okay if you don't know what to say, even listening is enough.

  14. The issue is that if it was literally any other doctor/writer, I’m absolutely positive that they would have said something reassuring or comforting. The writing for that scene was just complete ass, and made Jodie’s character seem like a dickhead.

  15. Reminder that in Under the Lake the 12th Doctor needed cue cards in order to show him being sorry for the loss.

  16. The only correct answer is when the Seventh Doctor hangs from a cliff in Dragonfire

  17. I love Doctor Who in all its forms. All eras have lots to love for me, no era is perfect but I think there is always more to like than dislike.

  18. It does however make you a target for bullying and harassment.

  19. Cause they just pulled it from out their ass after 50 years of continuity where that didn’t happen.

  20. That's not how it works. If a meme here is not obviously related to Doctor Who in such a way that a simple glance can immediately tell, it's not a true DW meme. If I posted this exact meme, title and all, on any other site without context, would people still recognise it as being related to Doctor Who? No, it wouldn't. Post in on an Owl House forum, it's an Owl House meme, post it on an MLP site, it's an MLP meme.

  21. The connection is not obvious. Again, put this exact meme with this exact title in a sub for any other franchise and it stops being a DW meme. A real DW meme stays a DW meme regardless of where it's posted, because memes relating to a specific topic shouldn't lose that connection if they're posted elsewhere.

  22. Well have you seen the cyberwoman Torchwood episode? He's shit in Torchwood as well

  23. I think the script for Cyberwoman is strong but it is brought down by THAT outfit

  24. I just think the episode wasn't that memorable. I've seen it twice and can't remember the ending

  25. That's fair, different people like different things and that is fine :)

  26. Surely there aren't any actual chibnall fans ... right?

  27. Loads. Including myself (I'm also a Moffat fan and RTD fan and classic fan and honestly a general Doctor Who fan tbh)

  28. Maybe I won't argue I have heard it's first draft but maybe I am mistaken, but the run time was cut that one I am sure about

  29. I've been enjoying it in my rewatch though sadly his era has quite a few issues that do come across on screen particularly in the Trial season where the show was quite literally on trial and quite a few unfortunate circumstances happened during the making of it...

  30. No, I'm not. I'm saying that based on the facts that the Chibnall's era failed, RTD is likely coming back because of the failure.

  31. You are making claims without evidence. And no it didn't fail. That is nonsense regardless

  32. Idk about Murray Gold. I do think they need someone else because the current soundtrack isn’t great, but maybe someone new instead?

  33. I hope the current composer stays on, he is brilliant and deserves more appreciation

  34. I stopped watching after Capaldis first season. Should I just pick up with RTD?

  35. "I've got a whole shelf over there all about the Doctor. Everything I could gather. A lot of inconsistencies, but it's very, very interesting." - O

  36. I think retrospect will be very kind to it. People will notice things that they missed and so it will be a lot more appreciated in time. We saw that with the Moffat era too. It isn't a new thing.

  37. Moffat had always been a great Doctor Who writer though, people worried about where he was taking the show but it was entertaining and interesting every time. Moffat had earned the trust of the fanbase before he was even showrunner. Chibnall on the other hand was always a mediocre doctor who writer and is now a terrible one

  38. Chibnall certainly isn't a terrible one imo. But subjectivity and all that.

  39. The thing is though her run hasn't really been mostly average, it's been generally very bad. That's my opinion but I think you'd hear the same thing from a lot of other people.

  40. At this point I'm wondering what counts as a "Doctor" moment because 13 has had quite a few that could be considered that - Heck I would argue she had it in her first episode.

  41. I guess I have to go back and watch because I can't really recall any.

  42. I love him in general and I loved his most recent appearance though sadly he likely won't ever return due to... what happened with him.

  43. Definitely written poorly for his comeback, which was disappointing. He gives the fam that rushed explanation of his past and it doesn’t even illicit a response from the Doctor?!

  44. I mean the Doctor was focused on something else and for her what happened was a very long time ago.

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