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Germany announces nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated

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WTA announces immediate suspension of tournaments in China

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  1. There is video evidence of Ruby and her daughter pulling suitcases out from under a table and scanning the ballots repeatedly after the building had been evacuated.

  2. Man those “small government” conservatives love telling private companies what to do.

  3. Modern conservatism is barging into a womens health clinic thinking you’re a freedom fighter.

  4. Hey, they did it to the capital, what's a woman's health clinic after that?

  5. Well yeah, much like the Capitol building, they view women as objects they can enter at anytime.

  6. The vaccine reduces this to a cold, a cold is not a pandemic. If you chose to not get the vaccine, that’s your call. Or is the vaccine not working that well? Available data says it is.

  7. That doesn’t answer the question. Tens of thousands of unvaccinated folks are still getting violently ill, which either clogs our medical system or results in mass death.

  8. It’s their call to get the vaccine, they are not posing any real risk to those that are protected by the vax.

  9. You’ve still not articulated why this means that the pandemic is over, but I suspect you won’t give a legit answer.

  10. Less about the article, but I can’t believe we’ve been doing COVID in the US for almost two years. The last two years have fried the fuck out of my nervous system.

  11. 100% it’s some “new world order” nutcase. Luckily these chuckle fucks only have shot guns and poorly made plans.

  12. Good. Charge the parents. They bought the gun and failed to secure it from their kid.

  13. The article is addressing the actual evocation of the Holocaust in reference to vaccine mandates.

  14. I figured you’d say that, so here’s what children of Holocaust survivors who had to take refuge in the US have to say about the matter. Tell them to get fucked too.

  15. Do it in America. COVID has caused mass damage to the economy, medical sector, and day to day health.

  16. Dr. Younkins & Associates rules. I have pretty big dental anxiety, and they are super understanding. Easily the best dentist I’ve ever seen.

  17. Government so small we have to ban local entities from making their own decisions.

  18. These snowflakes are so afraid of a fucking cloth mask that they gotta go ban it, just like how they wanna ban books that make them uncomfy.

  19. I just don’t get the logic in this. Like seriously, Masks are shown to help, and if a school district is in a heavy COVID infection site, they can actually help protect teachers and students.

  20. I mean, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. MKUltra includes rape, torture, and forced drugging of American citizens. I doubt the actions stopped because they got caught.

  21. I sure hope you understand why he couldn’t and didn’t. It’s the same reason Merrick Garland isn’t sitting right now but Gorsuch is.

  22. I sure hope you understand he easily could have while the democrats controlled the Senate from 2008-2015.

  23. Good. More organizations should boycott China. We MUST boycott, divest, and sanction China for the human rights abuses.

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