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  1. Filipino-American Vanessa Hudgens is named as a "global tourism ambassador" for the Philippines

  2. But also what do you think of the newest Vogue Philippines issue? Do you think they’re fixing any of the previous issues with the magazine?

  3. I LOVE the latest cover for sure. I'll let you know how I feel about the write-ups once I get the chance to read them because Vouge PH was severely lacking in that. It's the reason why I was so disappointed with the feature that they wrote when HER was the cover star.

  4. The way I went to this thread and the Teatime thread when I heard the news about Trump. 😂

  5. Recently discovered that Panera also makes mac n cheese you can heat in the microwave and I have never looked back

  6. Too bad I don't have Panera where I am from. ☹️ I am just lucky to see some Kraft Mac n Cheese at my local supermarket in the imported section.

  7. The way we are gonna get bullied for this. 💀 But come on, nothing is hotter than an unapologetically big goofy guy. That's boyfriend (husband?) material right there. 😫

  8. nah we already have a bunch of gays thirsting (no pun intended) over him so it's fine. we love himbos.

  9. The way himbos are one of the reasons why I still believe I could find love in the future. 🥲

  10. Hamilton is mounting their Asian production of the show in Manila this September

  11. im actually excited? like ive already outgrown my Hamilton phase but this just... excites me!

  12. I am more excited for my friends to watch it! I feel like I can just watch Hamilton on Disney+ and I am satisfied...unless it's being mounted here in my area. 👀

  13. I love this sentiment, I think its something people need to hear. Putting so much pressure on yourself to never fail is not healthy, and I think we should work on having a better relationships to the idea of failure being normal, and something to learn from.

  14. I recently made a mistake at work and Taylor's words about failure are what I need to hear right now. Gosh, it's a bit corny to say this but I kinda teared up a bit when she said that.

  15. It's so weird to see some people here being so dense about what Taylor said. Yes, she is super successful but she left some room for her to accept that failure is part of the process. If anything, this made me relieved that she thinks this way because that means she is not cocky and egotistical. Most artists should think this way.

  16. Emily Ratajowski reported ‘begging’ for forgiveness from Olivia Wilde after being caught making out with Harry styles. This doesn’t even sound believable tbh.

  17. Popular music reaction YouTuber Ajayii has changed her username to @Ajayiilush, is she teasing a comeback after a year hiatus???

  18. I would appreciate it if this certain mutual of mine would just mind his business by posting that he went to see Blackpink last night without having to be shady towards Twice by saying BP has more stage presence. 🙃 Like big deal, you saw Blackpink in concert. My friends did it too without having to shade Twice and they can't wait to see them if they announce dates. So yeah, shut the fuck up.

  19. This certain person is also a Swiftie so if Taylor somehow announces international dates, I hope he doesn't get tickets. 😊 Yeah I am a bit petty today!

  20. I know Kevin Feige fell to his knees in his million dollar mansion 😭😭😭

  21. Feige definitely has no hair left in his head with all of these developments at Marvel Studios the past week. 😭

  22. How much screentime does Rina have in the big movie? It's the biggest factor for me to watch John Wick 4 in theaters as someone who hasn't seen the previous movies yet.

  23. I was talking with my friends (some of them have seen Seventeen, Harry Styles and will watch Blackpink in Manila/Bulacan this weekend) and we agreed that there is a 90 percent chance that Taylor will not visit the Philippines anytime soon because the Eras Tour stage is too big. 😭

  24. I liked a cute bear guy's thrist trap and suddenly my Twitter For You tab is filled with cute guys posting their traps.

  25. But for real, I am happy Taylor is so confident in her body now that she can pull off something like that on stage now. This is why I am not going to listen to a bunch of insecure antis on Twitter saying she has no stage presence when her confidence has outsold them all combined.

  26. I just found out that the photos of Trump I saw on Twitter are AI-generated. What the fuck. 💀

  27. The fact she was able to take a photo with Max Martin AND post it. Yep, that's mother right there.

  28. Victoria Alonso was an ambassador for increased representation in MCU projects. Unfortunately, she was also the person responsible for the strained relationship between Marvel and VFX artists.

  29. Two Swifties got kicked out of the Eras Tour last night for using fake IDs to buy alcohol

  30. The audience of the Day 2 Glendale show of the Eras Tour is definitely much better than on opening night. It feels like I am hearing more from the front crowd based on the videos.

  31. Thinking about how last year I was within inches of having a 6’5” bi bear boyfriend and then found out he used to work in law enforcement

  32. Working or having worked for the police in any capacity is a dealbreaker for me, especially if you’re gay. Probably the only occupation that I feel is irredeemable

  33. Yeah, completely understandable. Former cops do still retain that kind of "cop" mentality that is just so...tone-deaf.

  34. I am sorry but if your first thought of an artist you hate opening their tour is "Oh I can't wait for this superior artist to start their tour", maybe it's time to acknowledge that you are secretly a fan of the artist you are supposed to hate. I have artists that I don't like but I don't make it my entire personality here. 🙂

  35. Is the signal coverage in America that strong that people can post real-time updates of a concert on video without any connectivity issues? Because wow I am so jealous lol signal coverage is mediocre to bad.

  36. shoutout to whatever swiftie pulls out their phone and diligently updates setlist fm every time a new song starts

  37. That can't be me because I wanted to enjoy every moment of it. 😭 Props to them for trying to keep Swifties in the loop tho!

  38. To my Filo Swifties, that stage is definitely too big for Philippine Arena. 😭 I am going to lower my already-low expectations of her coming here.

  39. On the bright side, Beyonce is an obvious winner here. I am good with any song of Renaissance winning in this rate because that album is truly something else. I'll predict Cuff It or Alien Superstar as the winner.

  40. The hunger games resurgence and the timing of the release of the songs is super interesting!

  41. The Hunger Games definitely aged well today. Still not over that aspect ratio change in Catching Fire.

  42. THANK YOU! It’s literally the best standard-to-IMAX ratio change and no one ever acknowledges that.

  43. I didn't watch Catching Fire in IMAX but I watched it in a conventional 2D theater when it was released. When that scene happened and the curtains started rolling, I was like "WTF?". That was my introduction to how movies can change aspect ratios in the middle of the story and it's so effective!

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