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  1. Sorry for my delay! You can run it on an amazon VPS. The minimum requirements on VPS is about 1 GB ram and 30GB or so disk space. Connection wise masternodes are meant to help with network connectivity and security so the more connections the better. Alongside make sure you have the latest version from our Github 5.4.4 Banned nodes can occur if theyre requesting too much information or forked and sending bad blocks. If you feel its a lot, in debug console it can be easily cleared using the "clearbanned" command

  2. Masternode is needed to be on a VPS, if your IP address at home changes it will affect your ROI. Alongside it is 15000 dogec now for a masternode

  3. Classical reddit authoritarianism with the moderators. Only allowed to discuss pre-approved content. This is why you should not use reddit.

  4. Oh no worries at all, it sounds like I just need to add more coins! Thank you! 😆

  5. Generally yes, we would recommend adding some more to the pot so to speak. Also, withdraw the coins and stake them all at once! If you just add more coins, they will not stake the same as depositing them all at once.

  6. I don't know how to un-delegate my coins.. I try to send them to another address and it says it exceeds my amount. I clicked include delegated.

  7. Its just a send to yourself do 1 less for tx fee

  8. We have things we are working on for larger exchanges yes. Nothing currently concrete as you know with listings can be small or large sums and constantly change.

  9. Great! We love Flits wallet. Soon to have DogeCash swappable inside it.

  10. Ok I found it, its a very small scrollbar that I didn't saw. Restore of privatekey was successfull, now I'll try to restore it.

  11. Great! Sorry for my late reply I had got caught up doing some things. Glad it worked!

  12. What version of the wallet are you running?

  13. We are available for purchase on and

  14. We cannot be, as we are not a bsc or erc token. That is another coin group

  15. $PIVX because it has only just begun.

  16. An entirely separate project that has nothing to do with Dogecoin is the shortest way.

  17. Not a sole parody but the name is a play on a better Doge like BitcoinCash's goal to make a better Bitcoin.

  18. I love it. Recognition is what PIVX needs right now. Undervalued is an understatement.

  19. PIVX is starting to get noticed!! Theres just so much to offer in their group that people cant not like. UPF

  20. When it goes to MISSING thats when its not been seen by the network. When you restart your wallet it will say missing while syncing the masternode list. If its MISSING for more than 2 hours it will move to EXPIRED and need to be started again.

  21. It stays in Active status for many hours it seems. I am not using a hosting service. My wallet is synchronized. I see it changes under the "Master Nodes" section. The home section, 'Staking' icon states not currently Staking. I have received 1 DOGEC reward, so I know it is working some what. I was thinking a TCP session might be timing out or something. I work with stateful firewalls on my network. Is there anyway to debug this or pull more information?

  22. On the masternode and your wallet theres files called a debug.log and that should show if you are getting the start message or not and we can see from there.

  23. Lots of green to be proud of. It does not stop here. Diamond hands!!

  24. We dont mine. We stake. All you need to do is get some coins and leave your wallet open. The staking icon will activate when the coins are mature to recieve a reward and you will see rewards happen over time.

  25. Thank you! I need to learn a bit, actually on coinmarketcap it's written "users are able to generate dogecash through the process of mining" this confused me

  26. Coinmarketcap? I will inquire for them to fix this. As we are a proof of stake and masternode coin

  27. I am a developer, but not a PIVX core developer. I appreciate seeing the work and everything done. My arguement here hasnt hinged on "PIVX being the only one with zk-SNARKs", as stated is also not true. They just have it on a PoS chain. Also, shills get paid, I am just joining a discussion. It just seems everyone else is so upset. Why? We cannot just talk about another group? Is that so bad to want to discuss something outside YOUR approved coins?

  28. If no one can see it, no one can try it. This brings visibility. There is no projection, only taking the energy the post gives off and thats not the PIVX vibe either. :)

  29. Well, what else is better when you have a DOGEC/DOGE pair to exchange them?

  30. I get what you're saying, but frankly it's inexcusable. Zcash had an inflation bug that could have produced illegitimate Sprout shielded funds, and no one can prove they weren't made. And they have a much bigger team with millions on security spend a year. Monero, Zcash, and others spend huge funds of money on audits on top of the much greater testing that comes from them being significantly larger projects.

  31. Thats correct with sprout. While PIVX is using Sapling like ZCASH is currently. The tech was reviewed as well as the code but has not paid a huge sum being that this is a smaller group, does not mean write off the little guy for making big moves. Conceptually you have to understand it to implement it. And its not to say the plan isn't to have a full review when it has everything where the PIVX team wants it to be. Still I believe everyone appreciates your due dilligence because this is precisely what everyone needs.

  32. That's really dangerous. Doesn't PIVX have a treasury or something like that?

  33. I agree with the point of an audit to show how sound the work has been. PIVX does have a treasury and it is used, I believe the audit itself would be more worthwhile when you can stake shielded PIV. At the current time with this implementation its transactional vs actual block creation. The zk-ZNARKS are used now for transacting without the revelation of the amounts processed. That in itself is fairly sound by the usage from ZCASH. As well as of current PIVX has some of the most extensive testing, unit testing around and that is has ever had. The work done on PIVX is not nonsensical, it is genuine.

  34. The new privacy protocol is something I recommend reading up on. You now only have to transfer your PIV to a shielded address and no conversion needed. Its protection by choice, not be default. PIVX is not POW it is POS, to which distribution, nodes, staking is all decentralized. No premine, everything done through Governance funding. Have a masternode? You have a vote. PIVX is the epitomy of what you want a crypto system to be right now. Decentralized, protected and governance.

  35. The amount of work done in the PIVX codebase is outstanding. The new SHIELD protocol is live. ZCASH has proven zk-SNARKs worth as a protection/privacy protocol. I advise everyone to do their research and they will see the reason why this new protocol is the way forward.

  36. Linux Mint you will most likely need to recompile the source or find the correct dependancies, as for Linux Mint I do not know off the top of my head exactly what the names are for the packages. It is confirmed to run on Ubuntu/Debian.

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