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  1. If you want to create a compiled language you should look into assembly or intermediate representations like llvm ir.

  2. I usually use a 'Bullet Container' node. When [fire] is pressed, the player sends a signal to the Game node with position and whatever info is needed for bullet directions. Then the Game calls bullet_con.add_bullet() to its Bullet Container child node.

  3. It works wonders with a unique name for the Bullet Container, thanks!

  4. Things are complicated. It depends on your relationship, your views on cheating, privacy, you're discussions, etc.

  5. Here’s a few of my personal criticisms:

  6. As a native french speaker, I don't understand the affricates distinct from fricatives part. It may only be me but I find affricates like c and ĉ and ĝ ridiculously easy.

  7. C'est difficile de jauger la situation sans connaitre intimement les personnes, leurs relations etc. Mais pour moi il y a quelques éléments qui je pense méritent qu'on s'y attarde. Je te propose quelques pistes de réflexion mais c'est évidemment toi le juge de la situation.

  8. Amaso da nigriguloj (legu atente tiun ĉi vorton xD) invadas nin!

  9. Mi ne komprenas, kiel do ekzistas esperantistoj fasxistaj? kial ili lernus la lingvon?

  10. Tio estas bona strategio meti sensencan elekton por forlogi la trolulojn de la vera enketo. Mi ne pensas ke estas tiel multe de faŝistaj esperantoj. Kaj verŝajne tiuj ne dirus ke ili ja estas faŝistoj (nu sennome, eble...).

  11. I don’t think so but I’m not an expert. I would say as long as you’re not mocking or making a mockery of the church, and religion then you’re good. If you that concerned about it then just don’t do it. Scripture says blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin but what that means is a ongoing hardening of the heart against god and a willful choice to turn away from his truth.

  12. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin as in order to be forgiven one has to accept the Holy Spirit. But the word "blasphemy" is ambiguous, because here OP doesn't do anything that actually rejects the Holy Spirit. It might be considered disrespectful by some people, but there are no mention of such a thing in the Bible, as far as I know.

  13. Noşon has the word egy [ˈe.ɡɘ], which means something along the lines of "desired outcome or effect", "hope", "success" or simply "the thing you want". It's used in contexts like immús jo egy, which translates to 'without the desired outcome' but it means "to no avail". The plural egyna [ˈe.ɡɘ.nä] means something like "hopes and dreams", "future", or "destiny".

  14. Wouldn't "goal" fit? I'm not sure as I'm not a native English speaker...

  15. So many people have so many opinions... Here are a few things I consider unequivocal:

  16. It would be free from cultural influence. The basic principles of science/math are universal, it’s just the notations that differ.

  17. I disagree. The principles behind math and science are indeed universal, but the way to express them is not. Therefore a conlang based on math and science wouldn't be universally neutral. There some words in science and math that are perfect translations, which allow a better international communication among the scientists, but many aren't perfect translations and it could also work with different words.

  18. Mi estas 21-jaraĝa kaj mi uzas esperanton proksimume 3 horojn ĉiusemajne de 2 jaroj.

  19. Duo alone would not be a good choice in my opinion. You'll need some practice and grammar. I suggest you use

  20. Mi ne komprenas kial oni farus tian memeon. Ĉu estas humoreco, ridindaĵo? Se ne tio nur estas ofenda kaj raportinda.

  21. Ĉu post unu jaro? Ne. Ĉu post unu centjaro? Jes, por tia ŝanĝo bezonas la mondo kelkajn generaciojn. Ĉu tio estas verŝajna? Neniu povas scii.

  22. I would personnaly use "forfikiĝu" ("go fuck yourself"), and it's the same length.

  23. How long would you say it takes to fully learn the language? I just heard about it this summer and began taking lessons only about a month ago. I know it’s one of the easiest languages to learn compared to others, but it’s probably gonna take me at least a month to figure out how to properly phrase sentences.

  24. You could reach a conversational level in two or three months if train hard enough, and be fluent and comfortable within six months. But it all depends on how you train, which language(s) you already speak, etc.

  25. Hello! I'm struggling with romanization, I need an elegant way to write our dear velar nasal. Here's my consonant inventory:

  26. Fijian uses ‹g› for /ŋ/ and ‹q› for /ᵑɡ/. If you're wanting a simple letter, I'd recommend one of these; that, or the classic ‹ŋ›. All the other Romanizations I found involved diacritics or digraphs:

  27. I love ‹g› for /ŋ/! Maybe I'll try it with ‹q› for /g/?

  28. Many species come from many gods. And those who weren't created by the same god just can't breed, they can't have common offsprings.

  29. I think you should ask yourself two questions about the very core of your system:

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