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  1. Full of chlorine and fluoride and other fucking neurotoxins. That's what's wrong pipsqueak.

  2. Yours might be. Whats wrong with floride anyway? I live in Wales we have soft clean water from the tap. No poluting and wasteful plastic. Bottled water is pointlessly wasteful and damages the envitonment, from the resources needed to make plastic bottles and the waste they create. Its just marketing, and you fell for it.

  3. Waiting for the BIG ALDI too. 😂

  4. Youll wait a long time, the Environment minister has blocked the planning.

  5. I went to an all boys Grammer school. There was one teacher who had a habit of saying 'hmm' at the end of every sentence. Whole class started saying 'hmm' whenever he entered the room. This escalated to the point that they did it when he presented assembly to the whole school. After this, class subjected to a stern talking to by the headmaster and whole class detention. It stopped until the last day of school, when the whole school did it in the final assembly. It was my last day and I never went back so I never found out what the consequence of that was.

  6. Ukraine 1. Finland 2. Not because of the event, but Finland has The Rasmus.

  7. How about 'Invest in an integrated public transport system that removes the need for cars'

  8. None. It comes from the farmers vending machine.Bring you own bottle Pasteurised, but fresher than any supermarket stuff. Lovely. And the farmer gets a fair price.

  9. The Welcome collection. Right by Euston station, medical samples of icky body parts in jars.

  10. Amyl and the Sniffers, Chubby and the Gang, Yard Act, Wet Leg.

  11. Was once approached by a 'Have you had an accident' lawyer firms salesman in the street. Just at that moment an ambulance passed, so I said, 'Quick chase that' He was not amused. My finest moment I think.

  12. Its the annual "use up the rest of the maintenance budget before April or it'll be cut next year" spree, alongside it being the time of year when pipes tend to leak.

  13. This. In rural Wales on a 30 mile journey, there were 7 sets of them.Two have been there for over a year.

  14. I'm not French, or even fluent, but I believe the word you want is pôle. Masculine "poste" is a place or position. If necessary, please correct me, francophones.

  15. If you are going to petrol station at the corner of Winchester Road in Cirencester, that's Bill the alcoholic who works behind the till.

  16. They going to stop selling NEW petrol and diesel cars in 2030. Second hand ones will be around for years and new hybrids will be on sale until 2035.

  17. So if you have a 5 litre V6 with a tiny motor that has 5 miles range, you'll be fine.

  18. Red Cabbage. When did that start, and why? Disgusting stuff, what's wrong with proper cabbage?

  19. Homemade mushy peas are great! I'd judge you if you had the sloppy sugary stuff canned stuff

  20. Do the home made ones make your pee that radioactive green colour too?

  21. My dad was a WWII veteran. He saw action in Burma, France and the Netherlands. Did he ever mention it? No he did not.

  22. The amount of 4x4s and awd vehicles that don't understand they have the ability to go off road is unreal

  23. And the drivers that don't know that they have a reverse gear on narrow roads. The times I make space for one and they won't go past through a gap wide enough for a bus in case it gets dirty.

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