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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. In British Columbia , private maternity clinics openly advertise for Chinese clientele. Rich pregnant Chinese expectant mothers are happy to pay for maternity in Canada. As their future child will become a Canadian Citizen.

  2. There is a whole industry in Richmond BC, an entire apartment building near the hospital is rented out for these clients.

  3. Is this really an issue though? Long term Canada gets more immigration (well, sort of), and capital (though that has its pros and cons, and is obviously helping to drive the COL crisis in vancouver et al).

  4. The issue is these people won't be contributing to society like traditional immigration. They won't pay taxes because they won't report income. They will buy housing, which will raise the price as the housing market has an increased demand.

  5. All it takes is just one or two decisions

  6. The round drum wasn't often used by the Army because its a pain in the ass to reload and to carry extra drums.

  7. Which is odd, as you would think that battle longevity might be valued with a larger ammo count drum magazine.

  8. There is still time for GOP Theocracy to implement a rule where you are born into the role you serve.

  9. GOP : That is a female, according to the teachings of the Church, she should stay where she is told to stay and make babies.

  10. I wouldn't know where to get anything harder than weed in my own city, and these guys are figuring out how to get it inside of a prison!

  11. Capitalism wasn't built on doing good things, it's built on profits!

  12. I want my sugar free cookie, and then I want a sugar cookie. And then I want my nap!

  13. I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back ...

  14. Well, there certainly are better seats and food here, am I right? - Michael Scott, probably.

  15. I just noticed the American Flag Canopy. Really sells this photo

  16. I thought it was against the law to use the flag for commercial purposes

  17. If a day goes by where you didn't hear about new anti-LGBTQ hate crimes, you probably missed them. This shit is everywhere

  18. You could just turn off from viewing news and social media, could help not see it.

  19. Apathy and willful ignorance are luxuries that few people can actually afford.

  20. Dwelling in the depressing news is also no way to live. Be aware, but not consumed, is how I feel.

  21. It's almost like he knew about it years ago... you know when he was in power.

  22. That was when he could claim all the "rising" housing costs as economic boom.

  23. Hipocrisy at its finest. A politican that advocating for freedom of belief and morals but enforce laws of morals on others. Ppl can refuse and stop paying tithe but your never allowed to refuse taxs.

  24. Tithe would be mandatory if the Christian gets their Theocracy, taxes is optional for the rich, and taxes don't exist for the Church.

  25. Google should probably have a human look at apps before they publish them, like Apple does, so that stuff like this never makes it onto the store in the first place.

  26. Apple only have a human look at apps to make sure that there is enough ways for the app to generate revenue, Apple is in the money making business, they are not going to put your app in their store, if they can't get the beak wet.

  27. Some businesses sure are not exactly in the money making businesses.

  28. I feel like Steve Carell won over the role with his performance as Brick Tamland.

  29. Nope. Not a single commenter in the entire thread can provide a source lol.

  30. Fake news and propaganda does not let things like facts and evidence affect them!

  31. Lets kill the plants! That'll show those oil companies!

  32. What if a PR company did this for Oil companies to do a campaign to make people protesting oil to look silly.

  33. Sky is blue because of the giant glasses our planet wear called atmosphere.

  34. M Night Shyamalan couldn't write a story with a bigger twist than this.

  35. Easy to add another twist. The boyfriend was OOP's wife's kid, that is why it's hitting her hard.

  36. TIL he also has the same line in Diablo (though he says "Hello my friend" at the start of the Diablo line)

  37. He's no longer my friend after this.

  38. Doesn't matter, QAnon, MAGA, and GOP will still vote him in for primary and presidential election.

  39. What about the creepy one who stole docs and put them in his garage, Delaware or something like that.

  40. Misplaced by staffers is a lot different than purposely packing them, while knowing it was illegal, to bring them to an unsecured location, after you are out of the position to view those documents.

  41. In Texas a cop killed a black kid trying to get away from a broken up house party. He was convicted, but there were people who came to watch the trial because they wanted him acquitted. One even said he obviously deserved it for being out after midnight.

  42. A cop being out after midnight definitely deserves to be convicted.

  43. This screencap inception will eventually make it to Facebook, then back to Twitter

  44. Nah, they will make it a vacational church.

  45. The American experiment is a clear and present example of how a democracy can fail.

  46. Sounds just like 'Murica blaming dems for everything Republicans do lol. Ugh depression

  47. Okay, but... I have a feeling there would be a struggle to fill necessary functions of society that are mostly occupied by non-indigenous people at present.

  48. As long as the nuclear reactors and other dangerous things are properly turned off, I don't think Native Americans would mind a little hardship to go back to their roots.

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