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When a thing immediately combusts your brain. Gives %{coin_symbol}100 Coins to both the author and the community.

  1. He could have put the carrot in after and not had to try to pull it out at the end.

  2. I would love this kind of attention. This is one fetish I have not explored yet. But it makes me drip just watching it.

  3. No. But I am Multi orgasmic. I’ll cover them with three loads. But you have to help with them. That’s the key.

  4. Yes!!! I would work that clit like a zit on prom night. And pull on those nipples like they were slim Jim’s. Totally amazing.

  5. This is how dudes end up in toxic relationships. During the formative relationship years. This is the emotional maturity of the girls. And then we as guys think that this is just normal and we have to put up with this to be in a relationship. It took me a decade AFTER high school to learn that there is a better way. These are red flags. But he may not recognize it yet. Stay shredding my dude. Find happiness.

  6. A friend of mine was talking about his band was in around 1985. They recorded on their own. Rented the recording equipment and went at it. They all assumed the drums were all recorded individually, one at a time. So… he performed all the songs recording only one drum at a time. First all just the high hat. Then the snare. Then the bass drum. All the way until he had puzzled together an entire performance on tape. For years I thought he was remembering wrong, or just full of shit. Well, fast forward to 2018. He found the original master tape from that session. I had a studio friend of mine bake the tape, and then transfer it to digital so we could get it preserved, and remix/remaster it. This is when I realized he did exactly what he’s said he did. Every track was clean, no bleed through, and totally independent of each other. The crazy kid did track separately. I couldn’t believe it. That was a lot of extra work. And not done for any reason besides they thought that was how to do it.

  7. Between reading the ops reactions to most the comments and the fact he dragged a 14 year old girl into the argument he sounds like he’s still a bit immature. The “it’s my house, I should be able to do what I want” attitude is NOT how relationships work. Just put on a freaking tee shirt and sweatpants or something. This is stupid hill to die on. You are basically arguing to keep walking around in your underwater around a minor child who is not yours. That just sounds creepy.

  8. Imagine working somewhere where you have to do this and people don’t respect what’s not theirs?

  9. While under the covers she will slide her foot over and touch mine. Boom! We’re on.

  10. You mean…there’s a magical land where someone does that for you?

  11. And they change the tax laws every year. I’m talking about a book three inches thick. And a few years ago they changed the child tax credit mid year. I didn’t know and kept my deductions the same. I filed and saw that I owed $12,000. So I had to hire an accountant (pay a guy) to help me figure out to pay the government. It’s a fucking mess. Just take the taxes you need and leave me alone. They KNOW when you don’t pay enough. So why do they need me to figure it out? Now I’m on a fucking payment plan.

  12. It’s the over reacted hand shaking and grabbing at the face. She’s full of shit. It’s just a “look at me I’m Special” thing. Fuck her.

  13. Why is this even a thing? I don’t fucking get society today. Stop the ride. I want to get off. This literally has NO POINT TO EXIST! And yet here it is.

  14. Clean the inside of your fucking window. Or at least Learn how to use your defogger.

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