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  1. Scott Moe and his Sask party could care less about Saskatchewan. They know NDP doesn't have a leader and will do what they want

  2. I date a woman based on personality. Doesn't matter what color the are

  3. Yeah I would tell her since she misses her ex .she can have him all to herself and I would break up with her..she is still Inlove with him and would jump at the chance to take him back

  4. I was a Catholic and yeah they some what tell the truth. But they are wrong in many areas. Like your baptism is your salvation and the ukra (waffer). forgive you of sin and Good works gets you to heaven and purgatory . The Bible teaches difference your are saved by repentance and asking Jesus into your heart and living by faith and so much more I can go into

  5. Isn’t that true? I’m relearning everything again as a an adult and coming back to faith so bear with me:)

  6. Yeah and is he going to put the same effort When he has kids and you really need help sorry dump and move on

  7. It's not the same many religions say "Good work's"will get you to heaven. but true Christianity says By Faith we are saved. not by works

  8. Yes in the old testament. But then we lived under law. But now we live under Grace. But sin is sin having sex outside of marriage (between a husband and wife) is wrong .. God made Sex just for marriage between a Man and woman. But Jesus went even further then then old testament. Jesus Said if you look at any who is not your spouse with LUST you commited adultery in your heart. But Jesus said he WHO is with out SIN MAY CAST THE FIRST STONE when a woman was caught in adultry. But Jesus said GO AND SIN NO MORE (meaning don't do it again). But yes they did stone people for adultry blasphemy and a few more things but again that's in the OLD Testament not the New testament

  9. If no Christian took this vaccine. How many missionary would be stopped or sharing The Gospel out side of your city or state.

  10. Sorry it's unless it's affecting your relationship NOW then he needs help .but if he's a completely different person and unless what he did in his past can LEGALLY hurt you.. it's non if your bloody business if he doesn't want to share... besides why do you want to know???? So you can hold it over his head if he messes up once in a while and you can say "Ha see you can't change and your not as GOOD as me" let his past remain in The past if he wants to keep it there. If you keep pushing the topic YOU WILL DESTROY your relationship .. and that would be all your fault

  11. Iconic coming from someone in a Christian room who is not one

  12. My question to you where did all the water on the Earth come come

  13. You follow what is good pure honest and above all the Will of God. Does the Bible says about abortion yes. Thought shall not commit murder. If you say a fetus is not a baby jermiah 1;5 kjv Bible Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

  14. Yes. a choice. The only reason people end up in hell because of the lack or no relationship with God... when you don't want a relationship with him you end up in a place that has NOTHING to do with him and that's by choice

  15. He did write it. He just inspired ( told man) what to write

  16. Yeah you deserve what happened to you.. I can see you did it once by mistake about again and then again.. just respect his choice and move on

  17. I believe in God and also science proves in God also.

  18. Yeah I would dump her and tell her to go back to him

  19. The only reason she wanted a break was to screw other she thought was MORE than you.. move on and close that door

  20. My nephew was 8 or 9 but at that point When I took him at that age I was with in eye range. I was on the bench talking to other dad's or mom's

  21. I'm a gamer and my spouse is not. I play when she says I can or she is tried and want's to go to bed.buf usually on weekends I get up early so I can get a few hrs in before she wakes up.. then the game is off and I plug into her. I would rather play with my wife (games and such) because I get kisses after and during. How hard I try my ps5 remotes won't kiss

  22. Ahh yeah..but if your that much of a jerk you don't deserve her

  23. You are correct about the artificial sugar about not giving that to kids. What my brother in-law who is a Dr used them water flavoring instead of soda and gives it to them. But trial and error for the flavor your child likes. My personal favorite is the crush orange and grape flavor. But thats my own opinion. Cheers

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