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  1. We just passed Germany to be the 5th largest economy in the fucking WORLD. It's time to Fuck. Shit. Up. We can do a hell of a lot more than throw our weight around. It's clobbererin' time.

  2. We have a larger population than the entire country of Canada.

  3. I moved to a more rural area recently and the insanely selfish/ dickhead moves that I see pickup drivers doing on a daily basis is insane to me.

  4. You don't have to go to a rural area, check out the nearest home improvement store, so many assholes with over sized lifter 'work' trucks.

  5. So many goddamn lifted wrapped construction trucks. I've seen actual true beat the fucking shit up work trucks, it's none of those f-150s diamond packaged with extra fucking aftermarket lights and crap. They're mostly tundras They look like they've been in demolition derby set in a cement factory. That being said it is very rare that you do find a well maintained work truck, is typically a higher level manager or owner but it's nice stock vehicle with all their tools and very nice toolbox and the person that you meet is very meticulous. My uncle is the meticulous type he has a 20-year-old work truck. I also seen a meticulously paint truck and then right next to it a hot garbage beating the hell covering so much spilled paint one.

  6. This is just Charlastor shippers vs. Chaggie shippers. I don’t know why people have to be obsessed, they’re just ships at the end of the day.

  7. I never in my life time of being in fandoms have ever understood shipping wars. Like how do people become so obsess of fictional characters relationship that they become agitated and hostile towards others. And it doesn't feel like it's a small noisy minority. It feels like at least a third of any fandom has his nasty toxicity to them. It's not a small one-off group in the corner it is a large chunk of the fandom who keyboard warriors in the name of something that is not even real or has any actual consequences. And I'm all at the energy people put into fighting. I'm just sitting here in the corner be like I like this pretty fan made drawing and this fanfic entertained me.

  8. Especially the further you get from the shore. I used to get like three+ manchek river (notable for its bomb ass catfish, catfish taste differs heavily based on diet as they are opportunistically bottom feeders though they will feed elsewhere if possible) catfish filets for like $5.00-$6.00 at worst in Louisiana. I actually miss how cheap I could get seafood there. If you included turtle and gator I was pretty much entirely pesca outside of some gumbo, some jambalaya, and certain boudin. 2-3 days of my week included turtle soup though. Don’t worry, it’s invasive snappers. They need population control or they’ll swallow the spring duck hatchlings and decimate a year+ worth of offspring. Basically until you have it under control. They can remove a finger if they bite you, so ducklings are sorta easy prey…

  9. It’s honestly a more savory type of roast in terms of texture and flavor. It has to be butchered into cubes do to the amount of bone in a turtle. There’s no whole-roast turtle. So it gets cooked down into a broth and meat chunks. It’s devastatingly addicting and the flavor is indescribable. Dorignacs, an age-old staple of the community grocery store in New Orleans sold it pre-made. I’d buy a container or two and toss it over some rice or quinoa and lose my mind over dinner.

  10. My nephew is a new mechanic. It’s INSANE the price of the tools and they literally come to the shops daily with the tool trucks. Guys in his shop are $30K+ in debt to these tool trucks. Boxes that cost $10-20K, Tools costing massive amounts. It’s wild. And he’s not even at some backwoods bullshit shop, he’s at a major car dealership that doesn’t give their mechanics anything except a lift.

  11. If your nephew is in California he's supposed to make at least twice the minimum wage if you brings/buys his own tools.

  12. That sucks. I suggest calling your representatives and have him and his buddies call their representatives to make it a law in their state. Typically a California does something or New York does something they would copy each other.

  13. The thing is as long as you're not malicious and are actually trying to do your best, you doing a good service for the kids. Because there are equally neglectful, if not flat out malicious and abusive foster parents, you being so concerned about being able to do your best means you'll do okay. You can always apply foster a child once to figure out whether or not you want to continue. And for that one kid you gave them a stable and nurturing environment.

  14. That’s why I’ve been so afraid to get a pdf pattern printed. I thought it would be $20.

  15. Your local Staples or Kinkos or other print shop would charge you about 20 bucks. I had quite a few made and they charge a whole lot. There is an online PDF printing place. I think it's literally PDF I could be wrong though. But they charge like $5 or so for most pattern. Obviously it depends on how many pages they need to print on. I personally optimize my printing patterns to use on large format. But from my experience Kinko's only charges by the square inch. So even if the PDF file is larger than the print space on the their printers and requires the patterns to be split onto another large piece of paper. You don't get charged extra on top of that. For example if you have say a 60-in by 75-in PDF pattern and the printer only prints as wide as 55 in. Kinkos doesn't upchard you for requiring another piece of paper that is 55 in x 75 in, because you need five more inches of printed paper.

  16. I've read they were invented to cover areas that tights didn't cover and grew to accentuate the crotch instead of cover it

  17. That's the true reason for the odd coloring setup. Hose back today used to essentially be two separate sleeves for your legs. They're all custom cut exactly to your leg so you get a nice tight fit. The thing is they never figured out or bothered with figuring out how to connect them together at the crotch. Because it's hard. It's one of the hardest things to get right when sewing. It's the sleeve or the crotch same on your legs It's hard to get a nice tight fit that we expect today and a lot of times you get confused and sell them together wrong. And it wasn't until about 200 - 240 ish years ago that we kind of figured out how to make pants with a tight fitting crotch seam. Like if you think about Maria Antonette to Napoleon time they had diaper butts. They had some weird wrinkly crotch seams. It is not appealing to us nowadays that's why if you ever see a historical drama or historical time setting they almost always wear modern cut pants. Because it really looks like a bunch of wrinkly ass folds, so either get a ball sack look or a flappy vagina look. Nowadays we think it's very off-putting but back then that was the look. Pirates of the Caribbean they all should have diaper-ass looking pants. That's how we got the weird cop piece looking thing to modern pants.

  18. but it could be done right? like if i want a frankensquash for.... educational not nutritional purposes, it's possible?

  19. Yes it's very easy. You just grow one at least you're ready and typically the bugs will cross pollinated for you. If you want you can do it yourself with a little paint brush. But there's no guarantee what you will get and how it will be affected. You're not going to get a cool orange pumpkin with a red watermelon inside. You're going to get a weird oddly colored gourd looking thing that tastes odd

  20. There are wires and pulleys in side the costume that cross-connect the legs together. So when she walks the back legs move to. You couldn't even make one yourself, she has a

  21. I mean fabric doesn't hold up as well as metal. Same reason why all old manuscripts are written on stone or clay. Cause the manuscripts that were written on less durable materials, like papyrus, just deteriorate over time.

  22. And it's not like the fabric cooling was made from was not turned in something else. It can be sold in the second hand market for poor people to reuse as they need. Or could you kept and recut to a new style or a new size. For example the husband's clothing would get resized or cut down defect one son then is it where out again would recut to a smaller sun and at that point it could be reused as stuffing, rags or used up in a quilt. And you can imagine how many uses a woman's skirt or dress could be used on. The further back you go the more likely in Western fashion the simpler the shape of the clothing pieces. So we'll have extremely long chain of uses before they essentially become utterly useless. Even to that point their industries where they'll turn used beat up cloth back into fiber for other uses. Typically called rags, but not the modern idea of a washcloth. For example the US dollar bill system uses rag fibers in making the paper part of the bill.

  23. There is no shame for using any food pantry or food bank. It's better than be vitamin deficient.

  24. Oh man that sucks. Do you also get over stimulated at movie theaters? Or is seeing light off of reflective surface manageable for you.

  25. People really don't understand analog versus digital. Older tech is just assumed to be analog.

  26. Canadian here: never seen a Californian avocado anywhere (except when visiting California). Mexico is basically the only source, though occasionally I've found Peruvian ones at Costco.

  27. That's probably because of the cost of import. About 10 years ago you would only see US grown avocados in the US. But a change in laws allow import from Mexico. Which is the reason why avocados got a whole lot cheaper. The US doesn't have a lot of acreage that is suitable for growing avocados. And in California you can only really be grown in the southern coastal area like in San Diego county, due to the climate and water needs to grow an avocado. The problem is that is prime real estate. So there's only so many avocados that could come out of that area. Because if you go over the mountains it's way too dry and too hot to grow avocados. You might find some California avocados in Canadian supermarkets if you look for organic avocados. Since they fetch a higher premium they're more wild for the California Farmers to grow.

  28. Philippines. I literally have an avocado tree in our front yard. It's not uncommon here. Some use it for horse feeding.

  29. The Philippines also have quite a few dragon fruit, another mesoamerican fruit. Very easy to grow and they taste so much better than the ones in the stores due to long shipping distances requires the fruit to be picking before they're fully *RIPE. Is a really neat cactus so it's very new planned parent friendly.

  30. I wish to also note that in the article, he was shot in between the eyes by John Wayne 7 times just for a film.

  31. I'm glad he replaced the Chuck Norris style meme. Jeffrey seems like a decent man doing good in the world in comparison to Chuck who seems to be an asshole.

  32. Yeah even in places where it's that low isn't there stuff in the law where its only ok withing a certain age range? Like a 13 year old and 15 year old are fine together but a 13yo and 30 year old would not be?

  33. Those are commonly referred to as Romeo and Juliet laws. I don't think they typically go that low on the age of consent.

  34. In Canada, the age of consent is 12, but if you are 12 or 13, there can only be a maximum of a two year age gap:

  35. Yeah it's definitely one of those laws where it needs to be in place because puberty does things to people. And it's well no one wants people that young engaging in in accordance with each other They rather make it so it's not illegal that they consent to each other then have someone press charges against another child because they decided to have consensual intercourse with that person's own child. And kids agency to the kids without explicitly saying go do it but if you do don't do it with people who could are most likely use their experience to take advantage of you. Because it's down to happen and the courts don't want adults pressing charges against another Minor because the parents don't agree that both minors engaged in a horse. Especially if like you're overly to 16 or like 15 and a half you should be able to drive a car which can kill people You should have enough bodily autonomy to consent to intercourse with a fellow age mate. I'm on the side of it's better to teach them what the hell sex is and dating advantages and pitfalls because it protects them. what better way to explicitly say protect yourself from someone who will manipulate you then being like hey this is how it's done watch out. Like I just read a best of Reddit update story where a 19-year-old got told by a 35-year-old that should be prettier if she didn't have her acne. And that 35-year-old is married to her best friend who's only 21. And in the comments turns out he has another wife who's also around early twenties and age and the 19-year-old is getting creepy divides the man because he only dating late teens and early 20-year-old women and is nagging her because he wants to wear her down so she agrees to become part of the harem.

  36. Are you kidding? California has tons of laws that are more strict than federal laws. Everything from guns to air pollution standards. Why on earth would you think the scotus would have anything to do with state laws that don't contravene the constitution? Who is upvoting this nonsense?

  37. It would be the other states who would have the biggest fucking shit over. I'm at some out of state people who are having issues with the car and I had to warn them about making sure to keep it within California laws especially if you're going to smog it relatively soon or it will fail the test and you have to fix it. And they gave me such horseshit over the fact that our cars don't pollute as much as other states vehicles do. It's like motherfucker I remember having to sit out recess because this fucking smog was so bad. They were smog alerts during the morning whether announcement on the news. Just because you live out and bum fucking nowhere and have a slight breeze to move all your gross bloating ass exhaust away from your face doesn't mean other parts of the fucking country don't have an issue where they sit in the basin and there's 10 million people occupying the same space trying to use the cars to drive everywhere. Especially since public transport was gutted 60 years ago by the fucking automobile companies, they so lovingly suck the tail pipe of. I love that I no longer get nauseous and a headache when I get caught in traffic.

  38. How did you get this deal? I want opportunities like this!

  39. I've also found similar deals, about a month and a half ago I found 20 lb of bananas for $5. They were green bananas still in the bag clearance to sell at 99¢ per 5 lb bunch. Sometimes you just have to look around you when you shop.

  40. I’m disgusted by a 35 yo marrying a 21 yo and complimenting a 19yo.

  41. Other comments from OP makes it even grosser. The 35-year-old man has another 'wife' who is also younger than him. And OP says he and her friend giving off vibes like they want to add OP to the harem!

  42. For some reason pods (even the platinums) always leave a soap residue on all my plates and utensils. The liquid soap doesn't leave any residue and dries them better. Could be my washer is old and crappy though.

  43. It's probably because the pods are one full unit of detergent, versus you're able to add less of the liquid or powder detergent. If you read the back of the labels of the detergents you find that they're all pretty much the same the only difference you'll find is that if it has enzymes it won't have bleach or similar bleach like agents in the mixture. That's because the enzymes will die because of the bleach and therefore are useless. But you don't need bleach to clean the dishes is typically used to help whiten dishes possibly sanitize them but I don't think there's enough concentration to properly do that. And the fact that the dishwashers can be set to a higher temperature whether water wise or with steam to properly sanitize the dishes is another matter.

  44. What about the electricity though? Peak hours is the most common time people run the dishwasher too.

  45. That doesn't mean you cannot run your dishwasher during the middle of the day or off peak hours. Most of the shoulders I've seen have at least an eight hour if not a full 12-hour delay timer on them. So you can essentially run them for almost free if you have solar and plan to run the dishwasher during peak solar hours. Obviously it's dependent on your setup. I also like to remind people You can let the dishes sit inside the dishwasher for like 24 hours before they start smelling, so you don't have to run them everyday with less than a full load. The dishwasher can keep water and it keep the smells in.

  46. It's not that the gummy bears themselves are made with a wheat-based product. It's that the molding process for gummies uses a starch as the mold. Essentially a large pan is filled with starch and then a steel mold is used to compresses the starch into the final gummy shaped mold. So when they specifically say it's gluten free they're saying that they don't use a wheat-based starch for the molding process.

  47. The trick is dip the chopstick a little bit of glue then jamming in. Any type of glue works honestly, wood glue, Elmer's glue or even e6000 probably overkill but it works. And if you quickly snap the chopstick It cleanly breaks apart at the level of the door jamb.

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