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  1. My answer to that would be have a cup of some gooood coffee with you when you smoke and sip on it as you take rips. Or you can add mugwort to your weed or take a supplement or tincture

  2. Not enough funding to finish the job huh

  3. You gotta make an oil with the weed so that the capsules are a consistent dose. Just ground up decarbed weed in capsules is not gonna be the same potency every time cause some buds are more concentrated than others and just mixing that up won't do the trick

  4. What's so uplifting about controversy??? πŸ˜”

  5. It isn't stupid if they give you free gold bling though it's all good then ha

  6. Fiddlesticks! Holy Moly!!! Barnicles!!! 😑🀬😹

  7. A mason jar that will be airtight, and do NOT open the jar in the room!!

  8. Just tell them the humidity is because of the Heat

  9. I like addictive things that are natural πŸ˜‰

  10. Yes please move in before another old crazy lady moves in!

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