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  1. Bunch of Qanon nutters in the comments holy shit

  2. I legit couldn’t tell if this was a troll post with troll comments at first. People in here are morons. Saw one guy saying how we never have doctors comment on these posts and it’s like yea, they don’t want to even come near your Neanderthal IQ level comments because they fear by reading it they will get dumber, just as I did

  3. This is why I look both ways on a one-way street.

  4. “A smart man knows it is a one way street. A wise man looks both ways anyway.”

  5. So apparently kudzu is not the sole plant that does this, there are other invasive vines (also from Asia) that grow similarly but all get lumped together with kudzu.

  6. Iceplant is another good example. Used for similar erosion control, but it’s invasive in Southern California

  7. Interesting, iceplant I believe is sold as a decorative plant here in the mid-atlantic, maybe because the frost kills it off in winter?

  8. Yea in Southern California it doesn’t get cold enough to kill it off

  9. There’s the scenes from the Dunwich Borers (I think that’s the place’s) in Fallout 4 where the sole survivor randomly gets flashbacks to prewar events, especially with the one in the room above the pool of water that leads to Kremvh’s Tooth.

  10. Someone at burger king's marketing dept is honestly a genius. They made a song so annoying it got memed to the point where people just post their ads everywhere totally free

  11. There's a saying in the NHL. "If Wayne Gretzky can be traded, ANYONE can be traded." I know that applies to every league

  12. Yea I don’t think Gretzky would be a great football player, I’d trade him

  13. If we lose again, Bengals fans and players will get 10x cockier than what they already are rn

  14. Can we stop with this shit? It’s literally an endless paradox of trying to prove your point by disproving in an attempt to prove it

  15. I'm confused. Are you saying everyone else watches only their team's games for enjoyment and the rest out of spite? Football is fun to watch in general lol if you're doing that much spite watching to compare you might have to watch your blood pressure.

  16. If the Packers aren’t in the Super Bowl, you have to hope for an eternal overtime game because by his statement, you cannot support another team so you can’t root for one to win or you ain’t a real fan of the Packers

  17. This is one of the strangest posts I’ve ever seen in this sub. Wonder how many times packers fans inexplicably shit-talked Bengals fans after getting to the Championship… of a difference conference? Lol. Strange indeed.

  18. Dude has more comments in the past couple weeks in the sub than his own teams lmao

  19. It may be embarrassing, but it’s true imo. When Pollard went down, I said GG 49ers. The Cowboys weren’t going to be able to fight back without him

  20. I mean i wouldn’t want to try a 4th and 10 against the 49ers defense

  21. In fairness, I had to check because I thought he was one of ours. And regardless of the teams involved, you gotta flair up before you talk junk about a team.

  22. Yea I’ve said it before, I think mods should make it a requirement to post. Maybe even comment. I believe we have a thread where you can request a flair, no? If so, there’s no excuse

  23. I get the feeling most of Reddit won't need to worry about this

  24. Hey, everyone goes and uses public toilet seats sometimes /s

  25. Wait do you mean to tell me there are people out there that don’t go to the pub with their mates everyday after work?

  26. Yes! Many, like myself, prefer to drink alone in a dark room, crying.

  27. It would be more interesting if half the music wasn’t carried over from FO3; as much as I enjoy the music I was a bit disappointed that so much of it was so familiar. I mostly turn the radio off because the background music is so good

  28. It would be cool if it started like that, but as you explored/scavenged, maybe you could find vinyl records/cassettes/CDs that you could turn over to “unlock” new songs

  29. That’s why I love Agathas quest so much from Fallout 3. Unlocking new music is absolutely a feature that should come back for a future fallout game. It ended up being one of my favorite stations too, sorry Three Dog…

  30. Oh yea I forgot about that one! That’s a good one

  31. So my theory is that I agree it was fake, but I don’t think the girl was supposed to hit the gas. I’m guessing the mom wanted her to go into reverse and let it go back at 5 MPH, but the daughter hit the gas on accident. Her screaming is fake still, because she’s a kid and thinks it’s safe because her moronic mom told her to do this so she literally doesn’t know she’s in danger.

  32. Sorry but... The idiot here is the kid, not the mother imo. She just probably left her keys home as most people do and that kid just probably snatched it, went to the car and la di da we know the rest. You're not a shitty parent just because you don't have your car keys in a vault. If that's real of course. If it's fake then my comment is irrelevant

  33. Here’s the a question for evidence for it being fake: how is the mom near enough to be at the ready to jump into the car to stop her, yet not near enough to hear the car start up?

  34. Looks like one, i tried those things, had to switch back to toilet paper though, do they make them in a soft bristle? /s

  35. You joke, but I guarantee they have that for people too fat to wipe their own ass. Like Bart

  36. We know all of our shit luck was because we didn’t draft Cheeseman smh ruined our franchise

  37. This reminds me of the Workaholics episode where they go work in the Van Nuy’s branch and grease up their hair and wear suits and Dane Cook’s character is doing all sorts of zany crazy shit

  38. No, I’m saying that they’re trying to discount the guy beating him up, as in the scissors weren’t a real danger

  39. And you’re a bandit outlaw from Skyrim. Something tells me you can’t travel from Tamriel to Earth… unless… you’re a synth too!

  40. No, he’s Gary. Don’t you see his flair? He’s a clone, not a synth

  41. No not season 8, season 9, season 8 was one of the best final seasons of any show ever.

  42. Ah okay, you’re fine then. Except for being a Vikings fan

  43. Dr. Cox is a lions / red wings fan btw.

  44. Was it ever confirmed in the show that he was a Lions fan? He definitely was a Red Wings fan. In real life as well

  45. Haha no, can’t even be champions in that. The Bills are clear champions since they lost 4 in a row

  46. I consider this the worst loss in packers history. This one hurt so bad, I didn’t eat for like 48 hours. Still haunts me.

  47. My first and only tweet ever was at halftime during this game, where I said, “This game is going pretty good for the Packers”

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