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  1. Females have no value. They can’t be used for “privileges” (🤮) so why would they waste their time on you when they can’t get you to carry microphones or run sound or become the next elder-in-waiting lol

  2. This would work if the ratio of female to male JW wasn’t something like 3:1 LOL

  3. Haha this is funny because my Jeep is in Marathon with the doors and windows on it right now 😂

  4. The baby's like a new daring or eye-catching outfit. So she's wearing her.

  5. Ohh no. Oh no. He’s in preschool now right? What could bring even more sympathy than a really, really terrible thought I just had right now? I know you guys can probably guess my thought too. God I hope not.

  6. So let me get this straight: your son ruined your playtime so now you’re going to ruin his? Interesting.

  7. Both of my cats were scared to death of my kid’s rats. However, these are also cats that I’m convinced are 100% sure everything around them is a snake just waiting to attack.

  8. Oh my god. I HAVE! I asked my much younger male friend if he wanted to hook up next week and grab a coffee. (There's a very valid reason I'm asking to meet a young guy for coffee, it's not just social) I'm talking like 2 decades younger! Closer to 3 decades 😳 I am kind of old. And long married. I thought it just meant get together. I'm kind of beside myself right now. He's gotta be laughing at me now. I know he must know what I meant but still....aaaarrrgggghhhh

  9. I never considered that his drinking could cost me the custody of my daughter...

  10. Been there. Done this, but fortunately no injuries to my kid. HOWEVER - you don’t want the bullshit of dealing with Child Services because you made a kid with an Asshole Alcoholic who can’t prioritize what’s really important. HIS KID ranks lower in his scale of importance to him than a can of crappy beer. Isn’t that a nice thing?

  11. I’d say it’s unusual for a homeschooling JW to take their kid to a dance class in the first place, let alone one where there’s a known gasp apostate mom there.

  12. I struggle with this because obviously its the foundation of the religion, but even before I was PIMQ, I never understood how they got the date and I still don’t understand the math behind it. This probably a major point I should look into. Thanks

  13. Lol wait until you read about it. The counting of the steps in the great pyramid of Giza, all that. Russell was on quite the miracle wheat trip. Maybe some mold got into his wheaties that week. 🤔

  14. Im very well aware, I was always ashamed that I was born into “the truth” and have never read the entirety of the Bible, it seems that most JWs have not. As far as how you mentioned that there are a hundred little things that convinced you, Im not sure if its cognitive dissonance but I find that I see these proofs and agree with them, but I keep thinking to myself “is that important, does it REALLY matter?” when I very well know it matters. It’s like im fighting a mental battle with myself.

  15. I’m not surprised most JW haven’t read the Bible in its entirety. Reading the entire Bible is usually the quickest way to produce an atheist 😂

  16. NTA, not at all. This has absolutely nothing to do with coffee.

  17. Perfect “the Iranian yogurt is not the problem here” moment. Agree with Dogg. NTA.

  18. Do they make Dutch ovens? I thought they only made French ovens.

  19. A Dutch oven is only a Dutch oven if it’s produced within the confines of the Netherlands, otherwise it’s just a Dutch-inspired oven.

  20. I called my mum at the height of my PPD and told her we needed to put the baby up for adoption because I just couldn’t do it any more. She was packing a bag while on the phone to me while my dad was looking for the next leaving flight. She was at our place within 6 hours.

  21. See that’s the problem. No one knows. There’s very little transparency other than the facts that there are some off shore accounts and they have an extensive real estate portfolio.

  22. As a kid born n raised in the JW I was always thought to present your best to Jah. I’ve always laughed at churches where people would show up in shorts and flip flops. How is that giving your god your best? Now I’m an old sexist man and I think a woman looks hot in a dress. So I’m biased and think that dresses are a woman’s best look. This is why I always wear a suit if I walk into a Kingdom Hall or whatever. It’s how I was raised

  23. I know it wouldn’t go well… I want to since i don’t like dresses and feel uncomfortable showing skin and I’m kinda scared that I will be seen as bad

  24. Well that’s easy, just find the shortest miniskirt you can. It’s a skirt after all, pants bad.

  25. I’m marveling at this because it’s a whole secret guy language I was unaware of until this moment.

  26. Yes! Every single person free of that cult makes me super happy inside! ♥️

  27. I stopped worrying about airplane accidents when I ran out of episodes to watch. I recycle some of the wilder ones but honestly, if the accidents are that few and far between I’m cool with flying.

  28. Info: did you invite them to “help” you put sunscreen on your exposed areas? If not I don’t see why they’re kicking up a fuss given the location.

  29. This thinking you have to tell anyone at all is classic old JW thinking. You don’t owe anyone shit. Just stop going and don’t tell anyone anything.

  30. Take them. I had my kid take his cousin’s solo rat when it was being neglected. I put up with no animal abuse. I don’t give a shit if it’s “family” or not.

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