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  1. I hope he never has an ounce of peace for the rest of his miserable existence.

  2. Mick strikes me as the type of lad that would eat Cornflakes with a fork just so he could save the milk.

  3. 2 nights. I remember Wrestlemania 32 starting the pre show at like 5 pm ET, and not ending up after midnight. I don’t want to sit for 7+ hours for anything

  4. I long for the day where I don't see this ratchet woman's mug

  5. Peter Jackson sheds a tear every time someone purchases a copy of this monstrosity.

  6. Every copy of this game (including the downloaded versions) need to be yeeted into Orodruin.

  7. When Gil goes back to London, all the Spurs fans are gonna line up to see what a medal looks like.

  8. "I am (insert ethnicity)(insert age). I was bullied growing up. Now excuse me while I pose for these pictures like a supermodel. Oh, and my ex cheated on me.... totally relevant to my appearance."

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