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  1. I am not fatFIRE yet. I had a friend that had a big fat exit about 20 years ago, at a time I was super broke. One day were were in a similar situation, both grinding away at a job for the man. The next day I was still married to my job & he was essentially free to do whatever he wants for the rest of his life. I was jealous of him for sure. I never asked him for money, but I probably treated him a little differently after that. I don't know why. He and I are still friends, but I can't really live the life he leads (e.g. go to Utah to ski for the winter, spend all my time doing angel investing, and so on), and I'd like to reach his level of affluence. It's difficult sometimes to think that he could write me a check, still have millions, and I'd be able to share that life with him. Essentially it's tough at times to feel trapped in the rat race while being reminded of your fantasy life by a friend who has achieved it.

  2. Imho he makes an argument about loan book maturity that casts doubt on his technical competency to comment on financial risks (especially when they they manifest as systemic risks).

  3. But that was in the context of his point about EPS multiples showing how far forward looking the market is. That even public markets for tech are forward looking to about 20. And he qualifies it at the end by pointing out its “from a financial risk perspective.” His point is to take down other allocators who were speaking before him saying that from a financial risk perspective relocation must happen now or returns will be impacted. And this seems to be a strong counter argument no?

  4. Being suspended for this is preposterous. He outlines a completely reasonable argument and provides evidence for things that don’t align with his opponent’s arguments and things that I have honestly been curious about for ages.

  5. No. Because for every house built, there are 30 people bidding up houses. THe problem is too much demand, and you are not going to outbuild it.

  6. If there are 30 people bidding then making 31 houses will solve it.

  7. Millennials won't scomplish anything significant. Too many of us were raised with the same beliefs and values of older generations that perpetuate the current status quo while there's too much institutional control for us to enact any real change. Don't expect any type of revolution, that's a fairy tail people like to think would change but there's no way for it to succeed. The best hope for any real ethical progression is to hope our kids and grandkids have to deal with enough shit to want to change the country when they get into power. It won't get better in our lifetime.

  8. lmao millennials haven't even started coming into power. Hell, Gen X is really only just starting to come into power. The upper echelons of government are still the boomers, in ten years or so the gen Xers will finally start to get there. Millennials won't have power for another 25 or so years.

  9. How can you run a deficit on your first ever budget? You have no obligations...

  10. this is the real hard truth about weed - it just isn't for everyone, or even most people. And it isn't habit forming like tobacco or booze, so it doesn't really suck most people in.

  11. We are so far above our fellow animals in some ways, and so far below them in others. Humans are one hell of a being. Our compassion is only matched by our cruelty.

  12. If it’s 80Hz how come we can’t see the power flickering 60hz

  13. You absolutely can. In some rooms that are just illuminated by shitty bulbs wave your hand really fast and you will see a strobe light effect

  14. Wait, what happened sine the last failed river crossing?

  15. Another failed river crossing! In the same place on the same river!

  16. God Zelensky must be bored to fuck of all these celebrities and politicians showing their face just for brownie points back in their home countries. I feel bad he has to humour them all just to secure the funding/military gear that he so desperately needs.

  17. This is the best use of his time as a head of state. Rallying others to his cause and securing international support, funding and supplies is the job.

  18. If you need to reduce staffing levels, though, this is a bad way to do it. Ideally in layoffs you want to start by shedding low performers. Antagonizing your employees does the opposite: your high performers, who are the ones who typically have plenty of other options, are the ones that are going to start leaving first.

  19. The people who are internally antagonizing the corporate mission are by definition low performing

  20. Complete BS lol Ukraine houses employment centers for many western tech and IT companies. Not even close to the same thing.

  21. This is the worst possible type of FUD I've seen about Tether. You'll remember that they settled a case with NY DA and no wrongdoing was admitted. If the situation was as bad as you make it sound, the DA would never settle.

  22. This one hits home. I work on Miami charter boats like this occasionally and was on one one day where the client bought a million fucking balloons and just left them afterwards. After the charter the crew started popping them just like this on the stern and I went out and flipped on them. They told me to “calm down it’s what they always do” I told them to just let me do it (not my job at all but whatever ).

  23. Just got it. I was being dumb not wearing a mask at an event. I’m vaxxed. It’s probably the weirdest illness I’ve ever had. It changes so much over the course of a day. Day 1-3 fever chills and aches. I’d go through waves of feeling ok to feeling like death. Then I got a cough and stuffy nose. Fever went away but the aches remained. I get tired after doing the dishes get dizzy if I move too fast. Day 3-5 I was getting dizzy and running into things at least 2x a day.

  24. Had COVID for a week last week. Was basically a bad cold. Had a couple nights of slight fever and some vertigo (a weird notable symptom of Omicron infection). My doctor thinks it's because the inflammation affected my inner ear, which is responsible for balance. Pretty much 100% now. Wife also had it, she has a worse immune system so she had more of the cold-like symptoms, although interestingly no fever at all. She's also back to normal.

  25. Did you have weird dreams? I’ve been anecdotally asking everyone that after I did and it seems to be universal that everyone had wild fever dreams.

  26. Here’s some pics of the dude making them in case anyone is interested.

  27. Exactly right! Squad meets C&C Generals with a little C&C Renegade thrown in.

  28. AHHH. Renegade was the best. Such a shame it was a flash in the pan

  29. He didn’t even steal the money. He created new money.

  30. aMeRicA hAtEs DiVerSiTy aNd ImMiGraNTs, bitch why the fuck are my colleagues trying to escape my country and get to america any way they can?

  31. We are also the most self critical country in the world IMO

  32. This is a very reductionist and oversimplified view

  33. Lmao these were guys who participated in duals. They absolutely were talking about using firearms to kill each other.

  34. I’ll never understand why Democrats are so awful at the long game. As she notes the Right has been plotting for decades, and saying it aloud. Why can’t we execute strategy the same way?? Hard to believe much will change at this late stage, especially with Sinema and Manchin in the way.

  35. Because that would require merit based achievement and promotion and liberalism ain’t about that.

  36. Ukraine showed that the world will support to you if you can stand for yourself first. Look at how the afghans had the full support of the US and completely fell apart in the face of basically nobody compared to what the Ukrainians are facing. Hopefully Taiwan can see which the difference too.

  37. I configure controls for three hours play for 15 minutes then go to to bed.

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