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[OC] My response to SCOTUS's decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Protest, Vote, Fight.

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U.S. Supreme Court backs public money for religious schools

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  1. What’s this and does it help physical anxiety symptoms

  2. Have you seen him in queens gambit? He played his role well but it broke my brain while watching it.

  3. I assumed his character was meant to be an edgelord twat. But he was quite sweet in the end. He just looked like an edgelord twat.

  4. He said he didn’t want her to sleep because she had a concussion and he didn’t want her to die, but then killed her anyway. Math ain’t mathin.

  5. This dude killed ppl that were basically unfit for life in his society in his if he is a prime example of fit, beauty and intelligence at any level. These guys were a joke.

  6. A black US flag is called a No Quarter flag and I suggest you read about it before flying one. It will not send the message you desire.

  7. Holy shit the amount of people I've worked alongside this specific flag and I had no idea.

  8. Dialogue is unintelligible over music and sound effects

  9. Also this is straight ethanol. Really not all that bad for you.

  10. somebody else says that it's not exactly "unhealthy", gets upvotes.

  11. Wish I could make it but gas is nearly six dollars a gallon in the Chicago suburbs right now.

  12. just met him actually, he's really fucking cool

  13. TBH I'll Always like Fallout 4 more than any other Fallout game. FNV is obviously an extremely close second and then Fallout 3 is over there in the trash obviously where it belongs.

  14. I'm still in shock lol. I have the same face and pose in either picture because I was just overwhelmed with joy. I'm currently sitting out on the patio listening to a live band and eating FREE ICE CREAM I'm so happy

  15. modern country rock, the new owner is a self-appointed "eccentric musician." I'm 100% sure they'll play the classics for fallout day though

  16. It’s actually illegal to mention things like that when other people in their 30s are present

  17. yeah that was wildly offensive and it's honestly no wonder as to why nobody likes a Kevin James.

  18. Thank you! It's from the Bethesda gear store :) it even lights up. I also believe they have the rifle!

  19. if you focus on the power core it will explode and it will force the npc to exit the power armor while only damaging a little bit the armor itself.

  20. Hard to do as the ai will ignore everyone else and target you so they tend to always be facing you

  21. That was smooth, that one was actually well made!

  22. it's always the School Photo and "Nein" parts that kill me every time lol

  23. Also Hide the pain Harold is also a Hungarian man too. An unintentional historical throwback?

  24. We're here and rooting for ya bro. We've all been there. If you're able to leave your area mmy biggest advice is to just go. It's so hard to stay sober when you know where to get it. We can get dope anywhere in this country but it's not quite as easy when you can't just call you dealer or drive to the spot and pick up. Good luck man. I hope you succeed. Use this sub and the subs discord for help as well. They saved my ass when I finally got sober.

  25. man I really appreciate that. I've subbed these places for years for good reason.

  26. how in the fuck did you manage such a risky comment and only be half right haha

  27. I remember learning in a series of trailers for a couple of years because the school district had to rebuild the school proper for some reason.

  28. Hey I did too! Mt. Rainier class of 08 and the first graduating class of that new school.

  29. Open the door and grab the butter. She's toasted & knocking.

  30. yeah I mean if anything, I officially have this under my belt so I at least I learned one hell of an expensive lesson.

  31. Well, I hope you learned from it at least. Oil has to be checked regularly. Oh and don't buy a Toyota, they burn oil faster than you can pour it in. Probably not the right car for you.

  32. Time to start shopping for a tricycle and just start over from scratch.

  33. I wish I could give you a hug, brother, bad habits are no simple matter, and I'm no stranger to them as well, thank you for sharing

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