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  1. Scary to think how many bombs are just out there lurking... waiting for the opportune moment to explode. You could be standing on top of a bomb right now

  2. Been there, done that. A pile of wwii little bombs in a city crunching underfoot.

  3. I’m a former stoner lesbian. Unfortunately weed caused me horrible panic attacks. I used to smoke almost daily. 🌿💨

  4. the. We stuff makes me sick, and a neighbor smokes all day.

  5. The restaurant meal and the home cooked meal are each special in their own way. It should be possible to be equal this way.

  6. If you were the wrong gender and they still desired you, you must be super desirable.

  7. Read his book, where he downplays the role of forced labour in the third Reich and his own involvement with the Reichsluftfahrtministerium and Göring in the rearmament and ultimately the war.

  8. Although they considered him politically incorrect and kept favoring Messerschmidt over him, even when his machine was better.

  9. Almost all people who want to be police, with the exception of very few who actually want to help people, are a certain type of person. They need control over everyone and are short tempered. I know 3 people who became officers and a few who couldn't make it. Every single one of them grew up loving to fight people who didn't want to fight back, and need to be in control of everyone they come into contact with. The system for hiring police is so absolutely fucked up it is disgusting.

  10. There is a detective novel that says 5% want to help people, 10% want to hurt people, and the rest want to ride around with a light on top.

  11. Always annoys me. Their argument is effectively:

  12. Mad bomber Harris killed a huge number of kids, but it’s ok because they were a different race. That’s what I am reading between the lines here.

  13. Yes because we all know Germans are a separate race just like flordians

  14. My dad was there in 45. I got a fascination for it.

  15. And giant piles of stuff from the US. They all loved that spam.

  16. You think Hitler not existing would just make Germany ok with everything? You don’t think someone would have taken his place?

  17. In the time travel novel Making History Hitler is eliminated, so a much smarter evil dude comes to the fore.

  18. And when you go around dual wielding warhammers, the police is not going to use spears.

  19. When you wield dual heavies you are utterly defenseless. I’ve tried.

  20. I participated in simulation experiments of the Morningstar floppy hammer. It delivers maximum power to the target unlike all other weapons. We will not use it in happy fun fight games.

  21. His rivals used to say quite a bit That as a monarch he was most unfit. But still in all they had to admit That he loved his mother.

  22. I’m sorry I have a thing against IMDB. I suppose it doesnt have competitors.

  23. Somebody deleted my several indie film roles, and I lost my hardcopy notes, so I don’t even know what they were anymore.

  24. My writer on retainer says characters are full individual people, just in another universe, seen through a small window. They often do not do what he wants.

  25. Isn’t that supposed to be tea with lemon and honey?

  26. I’ve been wondering if there is a legitimate potential heir to the throne. Maybe in a decade or two we’ll want to try out the old fashioned way of pulling the country together.

  27. probably where we get the phrase “perfidious Albion”

  28. One of the killers said you need to use a small pistol, your hand will wear out.

  29. US president only got into WWI to stop it and bring trade back. Flu was killing his team so he gave up peace talks. If he stays there could be a real peace and this no WWII to speak of.

  30. Sigh, homosexuality was evolved to INCREASE tribe growth. The small percentage of gay relatives provides backup resources to save kids in trouble. I know more than one case with “modern” humans.

  31. Maybe, Hitler "forgave" a few jews, but I don't think Einstein would have willingly working for him.

  32. I’m not equipped to comment on the leadership. Reading on the German side, such as Cajus Bekker (sp) The Luftwaffe War Diaries, I see the new special troops, airborne, did very well.

  33. So they just wiggle and cause the electrons in front to wiggle as well? Is more electricity more wiggling?

  34. I like to say it’s like sports fans doing the wave. The wave moves across the stadium fast but the sports fans stay in their seats.

  35. Catholic Church has official accepted cults, like cult of Joan.

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