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  1. What’s up with the electrical? Can’t see anything I like here. And I just take care of stuff at home. At work they braise rather than solder! Sharkbite? I wouldn’t use Sharkbite at home on an exposed connection.

  2. Alternate oxy clean, bleach, and solvents with a good rinse in between. Don’t mix chemicals.

  3. Unless they committed a crime or are risking bodily harm, there needs to be an independent review by social services, a medical doctor, and the court to review assessments to lock in a facility against their will. Simple as that.

  4. Maybe a bad cable or intermittent connection to the computer?

  5. Workers should own your car, not you. Workers should own your house, not you. 🤦‍♂️

  6. Parts count to be reduced. Wiring to be reduced. Clips and screws to be reduced. Frame to be updated. Stalks to be deleted. Steer by wire? Yoke option? New computer. Just overall easier to manufacture.

  7. Are they going to fix the placement of the cabin air filters?

  8. Within 4 year basic warranty should be replaced at no cost.

  9. Precisely this, developers and engineers will still need to translate the requirements and guide the “AI” toward the most practical solution. I give it at least another 20 years before junior devs need to be worried about competing with automation, and 40 years before senior engineers need to be worried about their core tasks changing, and even then they’ll just be tasked with interfacing to some degree.

  10. Less than 10 years for Jr engineers to be replaced and 15 for everyone to be replaced.

  11. Will be like going to the hospital. Six months later you receive a bill for $230,000

  12. Resisting? They are buying up every one being manufactured.

  13. The software updates are completed before anyone receives a notice. Over the air software updates are fantastic.

  14. Recommend having a licensed electrician replace the outlet with an industrial socket and torque all connections to spec.

  15. Try using a dandruff shampoo. If that doesn’t work, use Oxy face wash on your hair after washing. If that doesn’t work, maybe talk to a dermatologist and a psychiatrist.

  16. Tesla is using data to drive insurance pricing. Owners can adapt their driving to reduce risk and cost. This is fantastic. Always can choose another insurer. Great addition to choices.

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