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  1. I like the Silk extra creamy personally. Best value and good flavor IMO

  2. I have the same grinder, bought it used. It did ok but was very loud and felt it didn't grind as fast as it should. Eventually, I found a thread on Home Barista about the Vario hyper alignment. Basically the machine is largely plastic and over time the alignment of the burrs can drift, meaning they aren't parallel. I followed the directions on that thread and now the machine is quieter, grinds faster, the grinds are more consistent and the coffee is better. Depending on use, you might have to do the alignment every 6 mo to a year or so.

  3. Rotated on urology, I agree completely. It's mostly unblocking pee tubes and helping old guys get erections. The bladder, ureters and urethra just aren't that interesting of organs IMO. The kidneys are interesting/complex but uro doesn't care about the interesting parts, just if it has a tumor to cut out.

  4. Im an American who studied abroad in Germany. After my long flight over, i finally got to my apartment. I figured I'd just go to the store grab stuff to make a PB&J and go to sleep. I was able to find a jar covered in TONS of American flags, and that's how I learned that peanut butter is an American thing.

  5. I worked with this one uro doc who did men's health. Basically gave out Viagra and put balloons in people's dicks to give them erections. I have NEVER met a more self absorbed person in my life. He seemed nice at first, he'd ask you about your interests, but only to show you how much more he knew about them or to dismiss them as inferior and rant about his world travels/experiences. Made me want to gag.

  6. This is because our EBM guidelines (like USPSTF) take cost-effectiveness into account and are not 100% patient centric, which is kinda bullshit

  7. Eh, I think cost effectiveness should be a priority of national guidelines, especially in a country with one of the most cost inefficient health systems in the world.

  8. Physical exam is close to useless. Most of hospital medicine can be done with a computer and phone. Nurse can be eyes. No need to see patient

  9. Nah, sorry I don't trust a RN with an associate's to be my eyes. Not when I have the bulk of the liability.

  10. When does spine surgery actually help people? I feel like in med school the vibe I got was it doesn't really help but it's still done a lot especially for low back pain. How different is NSGY spine vs Ortho spine in terms of scope? Thanks so much! Coming from a medicine intern if that's useful.

  11. They're so good. But a lil pricy. That's gotta be what, $125 of beans?

  12. FBI investigator: they are trying to kill as many people as possible. You have to act.

  13. Dance Gavin Dance, Coheed and Cambria, Sleep token.

  14. Ah could be, we are visiting from NC and don't know much about the local species.

  15. Much ado about a worthless, pesky organ.

  16. You gotta brew with the cherries themselves to be a light roast, everyone knows that.

  17. Academic FM/IM - residents do your charting. Outpatient medicine specialties (rheum, Endo, allergy) - avoid all the charting involved in being a PCP. Neurology could work for that as well. Do you like imaging? Could do cards and focus on imaging. You'll have to do a fair amount of procedures in training tho.

  18. SELLING RED ROCKS. Have two 5th row tickets for sale to the red rock show on June 15th! PM me!

  19. SELLING two GA tickets to red rocks on 6/15 if anyone needs! Would hate to see them go to waste

  20. Pairing with a Baratza Vario if anyone's wondering.

  21. That's a great start! I'd say it looks a little slow for a standard 2:1 double, so you could coarsen your grind a little. Also would strongly recommend making sure you're weighing your input grounds and output liquid so you know you're hitting the ratio you want. This flow and where you stopped the shot looks more like a ristretro (1:1.5 or so) but hard to know for sure without in and out weights. Happy brewing!

  22. The Natural is one of my favorite espressos, you did well.

  23. I have had success using the recipe at the end of this thread.

  24. Yeah that interview day was my worst experience. I remember really needing to go pee while the PD gave his rant and just trying to sit there on zoom without squirming too much 😂

  25. Matched my #3, at my home program. It's a good program and I'm grateful to be wanted by the program: people who know me and have worked with me. But I don't really want to live in this town for another 3 years. I've lived in this state my whole life. I know ultimately, its just 3 years, not the rest of my life. But I'm sick of seeing all my friends who barely made their way through college traveling, doing what they want, making money. I really wanted to get away just a bit, just to see a different part of the country for a change, have some new places to explore.

  26. I want to do cardiology, probably interventional. Kinda wish I had learned more about IR early on because I enjoyed my elective in 4th year but happy to have matched IM. Do everything you can to explore specialty options in M1/2 so you can tailor your gunnerness to what you think you want to do.

  27. IL-17 because it's just balls to the wall inflammation. Maybe IL-5 because eosinophils are cute.

  28. Check out Really useful site with all the various techniques. Also good as a refresher if you don't tie a lot.

  29. I know I'm late to the list, but happy to help as well. MS4 going into IM based in the East coast. Happy to look into programs, read PS, etc.

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