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Russia withdraws its troops from key city as Ukrainian forces close in - National |

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  1. 3 of those were deleted because Someone else had already posted about the topic already, and the last was auto deleted because the Sub has a 5 submissions per 24 hours per person rule.

  2. Funny you mention that considering the Video Released today of a Ukrainian Drone dropping a grenade on two Russian Soldiers "going at it."

  3. You know the Quote retweets are gonna be spicy if the comments are disabled.

  4. You may have just posted the dumbest thing I've read on the internet today.

  5. "This is WARTIME, our side can do no wrong. No compromise, blood to the last man!!"

  6. And there is the mandated "Whataboutism" every thread has to have.

  7. This is such a perfect illustration of the problem. Even a suggestion of compromise is not acceptable.

  8. Who would have thought having the Third largest population of Ukrainians in the world would make you more likely to support Ukraine?

  9. How many times are Indian Nationalists going to repost this bootleg polandball "meme" here?

  10. "Destroyed" is a bit of an understatement.

  11. Well, at least the Rest of the Krab seems to be intact, so thats a plus.

  12. Gonna need some more context to this one, chief.

  13. Are the HIMARS rockets multiple stages? I didn’t realize that…

  14. ELI5: why are these guys not hitting the deck as soon as return fire is incoming? They are standing upright making a big old target.

  15. I would hazard a guess they didn't realize the firing was coming from the Ruskis at first until you hear one of them yell it out.

  16. I don't even know what I'm looking at in the last picture. Can someone tell me what part(s) of the corpse are visible and how they're positioned?

  17. As best as I can tell, I think the fella had a "Rapid onset headache" if you catch my drift.

  18. So it didn’t explode but penetrated the vehicle like a huge dart, falling from the sky, killing a Russian?

  19. The tail section isn't meant to explode. Just to help guide the main payload.

  20. On one hand, war monitor can be a rather questionable source.

  21. well they shot down two ka-52's in the last 24 hours, if this wasn't one of them it will likely join its friends soon

  22. Doesn't change the fact that as of right now, every blown up one is a net positive for the world.

  23. If you keep shooting down drones, Russia can just keep sending drones until you run out of missiles.

  24. Except for the fact that Russias drones are made of a lot of western components, which are not coming in anymore. And they drones they are having to resort to buying from places like Iran are by no means the most advanced.

  25. This seems like a very bad deal. The missile is very expensive, and the drone is made of a soda bottle and consumer camera. If Ukraine keeps firing SAMs at tiny drones like this, they will run out of SAMs before Russia runs out of drones.

  26. Every single thread of a SAM taking down a UAV this comes up.

  27. "Im the giant rat who makes all of the rules"

  28. Lexington Friedman and Jordan peterern are as bad if not worse. Made me so angry I couldn't even stomach trying to finish it.

  29. Putins unhinged "speech" today reads like it took half of its points right from Petersons repertoire.

  30. Don't Give Joe "Return to monke" Rogan or the Sycophants he brings on to his show any attention.

  31. guy in bottom left is set to become a meme

  32. "My Name is Boris Conscriptavich, and this is Jackass"

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