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  1. What are your favourite ice breaker questions when you’re starting an interview?

  2. If you did a #1000dicks challenge you’d be an internet superstar.

  3. I read titles as titties and I was like “nice”

  4. I like note about Canada it is so wholesome)

  5. I kind-of feel like this may have been written by a Canadian.

  6. Stealing graphics cards for the Crypto Kingpin. He plans on digitizing the entire world’s money and stealing it with a super crypto miner that he, for some reason, made in the form of a really fast car.

  7. Jist finished watching Peaky Blinders and I think his performance of Alfie Simmons is my favorite. He steals every scene he is in.

  8. I was actually referring to the coke table in the background of the first picture

  9. Three friends in a buddy comedy movie find the ultimate porn stash in “Spank Bank” coming to HBO Max this fall

  10. Three college friends reunite at the funeral of their fourth mutual friend.

  11. For sure. All traditional major tv news outlets will try to make a gaffe a big deal when the president isn't of their party.

  12. He has a legitimate speech impediment that he’s overcome…

  13. Am American. Totally agree with you. Healthcare in this country is so fucked.

  14. Am American Totally agree with you. Healthcare in This country is so fucked.

  15. Holy shit, never realized that was a built-in feature to make it more accurate. That's genius.

  16. Just because that's the first time you've heard it doesn't mean it's original.

  17. Lighting striking twice in the same sub within 13hrs stinks. I’m tired and am probably being a cranky asshat.

  18. 4 lambs is almost unheard of, oh my lord. Good job doing your best to save them!

  19. There’s another ewe due ‘shortly’ that’s suppose to be a 1-top; but expecting that these will end up hand raised (if they pull thru) - my daughter has especially cottoned to them.

  20. But you can spray off your butt so you don't have to wipe

  21. Or they realized it’s spreading so fast that sticking to the old quarantine would literally collapse the country.

  22. Amy Pascal says that this won't be the last movie they make in the MCU, and that they "think of these movies as three movies, and now they're thinking about the next three," so we'll definitely get more Spider-Man. If those movies will have Tom as Spider-Man remains to be seen

  23. “There has to be a black Spider-Man out there somewhere, right?”

  24. 1400 new cases in Ontario on the 7 day rolling average 1870 new cases in Florida 7 day rolling average


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