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  1. "A girl in a hoodie running through a cyberpunk city, ghibli style"

  2. OMG thanks! Do you have high-resolution pics of them if you don't mind?

  3. Once you log out, they're gone. I am downloading a lot, but not these

  4. A realistic photo of a mouse in a space suit standing on a moon made of cheese.

  5. Modern home interior in the year 2050, design inspiration

  6. Yeah. Whenever it does something amateur, you can just add or change some parameters and DALL-E will nail it.

  7. Dr. Radoslav Danilak google about him company is legit and he is professional.

  8. It's really hard to believe that we can/will have 128E supercomputer this year and possibly 256E in 2023.

  9. I am following them for about a year or 2 and I am kinda a believer. If I wasn't, I wouldn't post it here. I just want to see this tech in action. Enough talking, just show us this 64E-128E beast.


  11. Physicists at EPFL, within a large European collaboration, have revised one of the fundamental laws that has been foundational to plasma and fusion research for over three decades, even governing the design of megaprojects like ITER. The update shows that we can actually safely use more hydrogen fuel in fusion reactors, and therefore obtain more energy than previously thought.

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