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  1. Not trying to debate just asking questions in good faith, but if he knows our choices will ultimately lead us to hell in the end than how can that be loving as he knows we will eternally suffer.

  2. Because God doesn’t make us do those things. And He gives us grace to be cleansed of sin and be saved. If we reject those graces, that’s on us.

  3. Do you have OCD? Existential anxiety can be a product of that.

  4. went to school with someone who had quite a bit of tiktok clout, even got verified. ended up losing a bit of that clout with pedo accusations after kissing and having feelings for i think a 13 year old? not sure if that counts because everyone seemed to forgive her dispite it becoming quite a big thing on tiktok

  5. I’m assuming that she was high school age. If so, that’s messed up.

  6. Our culture does overemphasize it greatly.

  7. How is it different? Just curious. I did hear that Japanese really went to town with the Kit Kat innovations.

  8. In America, Kit Kats are made under license by Hershey. In other countries, by Nestle. The nestle Kit Kats are creamier, slightly less sweet, and better.

  9. Installing the judges that overturn Roe vs. Wade, and his surprise victory mixed with his brash and even rude style.

  10. I did just click the launcher beta option. Does that solve the problem?

  11. I live in a small rural town. People from California come here with their politics. Rather than assimilate into the community that they are ostensively fleeing to, they try to implement their liberal politics that caused them to flee in the first place. Also it will turn urban areas back decades, when the poor has no option to leave and suffered urban decay. Pretty naive take by this author.

  12. Those are good points. Maybe you could write about this and pitch it to them.

  13. He's sending them to the Baltics as a show of force (and not a very strong one at that it's like 5000 troops not the 200,000 Russia is assembling). He's not sending them to Ukraine. It's like when we piss off the Russians and they send their navy in international waters around Alaska its a nothing burger. He's basically saying that if you invade Ukraine we will deploy more troops close to your border and you don't like that so don't invade Ukraine.

  14. It sounds like a bluff, to be honest.

  15. It's not even a bluff. A bluff would be sending 150,000 troops to the Romanian Ukranian border and saying the US might be forced to take drastic actions. Sending 5000 troops to Estonia is one step up from an angry letter.

  16. Fair enough. I just think that it’s a bad idea to send troops unless you intend to use them. If Biden is not willing to get those troops into a shooting war if it comes to that, then he is acting foolishly.

  17. As do I. I actually think that the Russian Orthodox may actually be more likely to return to communion with the Catholic Church. They are so firm, that once they decide that it is necessary, they may just go ahead and do it.

  18. Really? I thought the Greeks were more friendly about it, never imagined the Russians coming in communion, either way would be great

  19. The Greeks are, but I wonder if they would be more indecisive.

  20. Annihilationism has been condemned as heresy. I don’t know what “conditionalism” means.

  21. Human suffering comes as a consequence of original sin. As St. Thomas Aquinas said, death coming through Adam didn’t mean that animals didn’t eat other animals. There’s a reason they were given teeth by God.

  22. Byzantine Catholics and Orthodox are nearly identical except for their views on the Pope, and yet these Catholics didn’t think that it wasn’t important.

  23. I think this might be a bit of a forced comparison given the context of this post

  24. I don’t know for certain, but the Church taught quite clearly about the death penalty before.

  25. You may find answers in Edward Feser’s book on the death penalty.

  26. The Catholic Church’s official response to Protestantism. One of the ecumenical councils.

  27. The Scriptural foundation is John 6, the institution narratives, and 1 Corinthians 11. Sacred Tradition is witnessed to by the early Church Fathers, who rejected the symbolic view later put forth in the 1500s by Ulrich Zwingli in favor of the Real Presence.

  28. Well, chastity is not always celibacy. It is using our sexual faculties rightly according to our state in life. Married sexual life can be chaste.

  29. Sometimes they are relevant to the Scripture readings of the day, and often, in western cultures which are hostile to our beliefs on these matters and exert a powerful and seductive influence to conform, parishioners need to hear these things in order to be reminded of these teachings which are vital for their salvation, to clear their minds of propaganda, fuzziness, temptation to compromise, and lukewarmness, and to let them know that they are not alone.

  30. Off topic, but I'm super curious to know what kind of "magic hat" dude was wearing.

  31. A top hat or one of those 1940’s hats? A child might mistake the latter for the kind that a magician wears.

  32. That would be against Church teaching for them to do that. We should respect the genuine consciences of others, and never coerce them with essentials like education.

  33. No, that would absolutely destroy Bill.

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