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  1. God, I hate people. Betcha most people voting no are doing so for the selfish reason that they don't want a disabled child.

  2. I'd imagine having a disabled child could be INCREDIBLY life changing, especially more severely disabled kids who would need round the clock care, this would be financially, physically and mentally draining on anyone

  3. I'm calling them selfish for valuing their own life over that of their child. Besides, you make it sound like "normal" children don't need around the clock care.

  4. Technocracy would be better. Intelligent design > evolution

  5. That's not the damn question now is it?

  6. Underweight>Overweight>Extremely Overweight>Extremely Underweight

  7. I did take 2, and I placed them next to Scar's house.

  8. Yeah, I think it's deceptively terrifying. Maybe not as immediately as the other options.

  9. The quiet doesn't sound bad until you realise animals stop making noise when they sense danger.

  10. Why is no one talking about Gus!!? Issac's got some pipes!

  11. I am also so happy for Mirabel. Im going to be chilling with her all day just for the back ground music!

  12. Makes me wonder which song they'll go with.

  13. I don't know about you, but I still don't wear slippers in bed.

  14. Caleb being an absolute troll in death somehow feels canon.

  15. As long as the person you're making them to/about is ok with it.

  16. I think you're the only person that can make ballusters look cool. 🤣

  17. That keeps messing with my mind. Somehow the idea that the PMD games are made by the same company that makes the Danganronpa games is jarring to me.

  18. In all honesty it kinda makes sense with how the theme of mystery dungeon is darker and so is Danganronpa

  19. Ok yeah, but one is emotional tugging-at-your-heartstrings dark and the other is drowned-in-the-sink-and-body-dropped-in-a-piranha-tank dark.

  20. She reminds of S1 Luz. The tree doesn't fall far from the apple.

  21. Odalia, Edric and Emira have natural green hair. I think it's just the lighting making it seem faded. (Or possibly The Collector's yassifying spell makes it a little more pastel than usual)

  22. I wouldn't mind too much. Unless it's Hunter and he opens my history. Or Edric.

  23. Somebody knows a little too much Fairy Oddparents for their own good lol

  24. The idea of Apollo geeking out over magic is very cute to me.

  25. Huh. I didn't realise they miscolored Ghost.

  26. Idk about that. I mean, Emmiline is right behind her, so Ghost would still be clearly visible.

  27. I don’t know what this is, so I suspect it’s a spoiler. PLEASE TAG

  28. 3 days embargo is already long over, mate.

  29. Sooo....If Tholomule is Matt's last name.....and Steve is Matt's brother.....does that mean Steve's full name is Steve Tholomule?

  30. If I had a nickel for every time Mae Whitman played the love interest to the protagonist, utilized a combat style where she manipulated liquid and had a one on one fight with a scarred anti hero with a toxic familial relationship with the main antagonist in a deep underground tunnel I'd have two nickels

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