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  1. I’ve got a quote in my head and need to find the source. “Let me see your teeth“ I don’t know where it’s from or the context but if anyone remembers it plz let me know.

  2. Aren’t there dwarves north of the hellpit? Though they don’t exactly tend to last…

  3. They removed the vod and never addressed it. Dunno why. Maybe because of the Youtube content thieves who upload and monetize their content.

  4. I don’t know what effect this is having on my pc and to what severity, I get these pop-ups when i leave to desktop form a game. Ive tried searching online for a solution but it was just confusing so any help would be much appreciated :).

  5. UPDATE: I moved the game from my SSD to my HDD and it’s gone to around half a minute, I don’t understand!!! Fuck PCs man I don’t get them.

  6. That should be 100% impossible unless your SSD is dying.

  7. I literally don’t know what to tell you, my other games on the ssd load fine/fast.

  8. You’re gonna be okay bud, people who spend half their life high on crack or in prison end up with a happy, healthy family.

  9. Since the hotfix after about 10 mins my screen goes black and my pc begins to sound like it’s gonna take off yet before I played hours non consecutively fine.

  10. Personally for something like TW, I'd rather they go the "cheaper" route and get lesser known VAs that deserve a shot at getting their career going. That's just me though.

  11. That’s fair, but that doesn’t explain why a hopeful “yet….” Gets 40 downvotes lol. Like why is that such a disagreeable statement?

  12. The second half of Warhammer 2‘s life cycle was some of the best stuff Total wars ever done imo.

  13. Did you have a mod loaded with different units in a custom battle beforehand?

  14. It’s mixu’s mod that’s causing the problem, but I don’t know how to fix it. I cleared the battle screen so no mod units/factions were present, but my game still crashes with midi’s disabled.

  15. No? I was a couple weeks ago i last played. How would I fix it?

  16. Lots of factions have attrition causing rites and mechanics now

  17. Turn one, living attrition. He’s supposed to be immune (or he was)

  18. No issue for me. Confederated 2 and chose to ignore a 3rd cus I didn't want another front to fight on at the time.

  19. Did you get another after you refused? I got the first one and refused and didn’t get another.

  20. I got one offer to confed, refused it and not had one since even tho I’m 90 turns in with every one at 10. Good thing I like playing province protecter lol

  21. Damnit, they did exactly what I feared and broke the settlement maps. Back to building garrison buildings absolutely everywhere I guess. Boring.

  22. Disagree. You hardly ever see land battles, this is a healthy change imo.

  23. It's a bandaid fix. You just end up going right back to the minor maps after roughly 20 or 30 turns once everything ends up at lvl 2. The majority of the game will still be minor settlement battles. Affects barely a fourth of the game.

  24. It’s garrison buildings that provide walls, not the settlement. A.I don’t build garrisons in every settlement so you‘re incorrect. It’s moot anyway as most people play the early game then abandon to a new campaign.

  25. No way that both of them stay dead, I’d bet my life on it lol, did u see Matt’s reaction? He’s happy, if it were real like molly he’s be upset lol

  26. At molly‘s death and other tpk moments Matt was fully upset and warning them to gtfo.

  27. No way that both of them stay dead, I’d bet my life on it lol, did u see Matt’s reaction? He’s happy, if it were real like molly he’s be upset lol

  28. Yeah you have to vassalise them by taking the specific dark fortress that does it and clicking occupy and vassalise. Otherwise they just do nothing. Although they can help defend a settlement if they spawn next to it. Almost like a second garrison

  29. Wrong, if you take the dark fortress first they’re still dead lol

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