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  1. Cosmo pool allows you to bring drinks in from outside, you just have to pour them into a plastic cup they give you. Just buy a few drinks at CVS or Walgreens so you dont have to pay $18 for a beer at their pool (not sure if other pools do this)

  2. Can confirm this and Circa Stadium Swim does the same as well

  3. Long time Vegas visitor/current Vegas resident here. I like to take staycations here every month just to mingle with tourists and people watch, so I've stayed at almost every property except Trump Tower. CC isn't as bad as reviews will have you believe, but it all depends on where you come from/can tolerate. I'm from Oakland, CA so there's very little that truly bothers me. It can get uncomfortably crowded, but my favorite place for cheap slots.

  4. We took the male Shib 1 (darker) after a family member couldn’t keep him anymore. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get along with our male Shib (not in the pics). The female Shib 2 (the light one) is fixed and makes the Shib 1 calmer. So we are hoping they can both be taken to the same home.

  5. How old are they? We have 3 indoor cats (2 female, 1 male) who are just getting acquainted to the new addition (the male cat)... But we've always wanted some pups as well. We have the space, just dunno if all the animals have the temperament for each other. But I'm interested to see if it can work, depending on your thoughts as well

  6. Yup... Thor came to make sure his movie was well received

  7. Never gets old lol. Look at dudes legs! They're fucking tree trunks! You know how much momentum and force came driving at his face? Just stay down buddy

  8. Don't think Phoenix would go after KD if Ayton's offer isn't met?

  9. I think lists like these need to account for the newer expansion teams. Baltimore has been a consistently solid franchise since it's birth, much like Pittsburgh. Poor Houston tho lol

  10. Poor Rita is gonna have carpal tunnel by the end of this lol... Lynch should replace all of her art supplies damnit

  11. It was this moment that Carol knew: she fucked up

  12. Damn you, ya beat me to it lol. This is what I came here to see lol

  13. Are you even American? Cops will arrest you for disobeying an illegal order. You're also 5 times more likely to be arrested if you're black.

  14. Combat intelligence. Batman was a mere mortal who held his own against super humans thru unprecedented hand to hand combat and above all else, his mind. Much like Bruce Lee, who was physically formidable but even more dangerous mentally... But that's just my own I opinion

  15. Solid points, but Nightwing is no Batman and just as he is a mentee of Batman, miles is a mentee of Spider-Man, one of the only heroes with the mental fortitude and force of will close to as strong as that of Batman. And unlike nightwing, miles actually goes on to surpass Peter in many ways, something few of Batman’s many mentees could do

  16. Ooohhhh, good point! I didn't know Miles surpassed Spidey. I need to go back and read up!

  17. Bauer has 100x the feats, he should take this handily. Bauer is as tough as they come and pretty insane in H2H. Mills is very good as well, but he's just out of his league here.

  18. Yeah I kinda agree with that too... Bauer has died like 5 times lol. Stressful life lol

  19. I'm so glad you posted this... I've always wondered what that sound is that my cat makes at birds!

  20. curry mvp, curry all star game mvp, curry western conference finals mvp, curry finals mvp

  21. As a black man in America, not only am I embarrassed for this behavior and school of thought, but I'm equally as distraught that news media outlets deliberately showcase this as the usual outlook for black people in distress. These folks were put on a stage to be laughed at not knowing they were the focus of the joke. It's a damn shame on both sides. What could be more American tho? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  22. Lol what an air ball you shot there buddy. Completely missed my point. But please, continue to explain race relations in America to me "enlightened one" 🤗

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