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I won the 2022 US National Yo-yo Contest. Here’s the freestyle video!

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  1. Tbh you just sound mentally unhealthy. Get some therapy fr bruv. Everyone is selfish/manipulative/foolish… it’s not a woman thing

  2. Polling data doesn’t really tell a full story. Especially this far out. I’ve been betting people Biden does wayyyy better than expected, especially if Trump runs. And now with Supreme Court going awol, this even more so. I fully disagree with Destiny and a lot of pundits who think a republican takeover will happen.

  3. This is wild. The adrenaline that must be pumping through them pulling this off, kinda cool lol

  4. So make it like the 3 gems out of which 2 are never used by anyone specifically because of their harsh penalties and because their utility is not good enough to replace a regular damage support? Insane suggestion my man, you should team up with ggg and do 3.15 v2.

  5. lolwut. What game are you playing where chain/fork/pierce aren’t used?

  6. DX12 and this latest league imo is the best performing POE I have. I run textures at high and the rest default and double beyond juiced TS runs VERY well.

  7. been following you for years. its wild to see you're still winning. great work

  8. i'll never forget the age of the OG recombo. these things are so fucking great and have kept me engaged since day 1. way better than OG harvest, way better than meta-mod...I really hope they stay in some form. Actually having a use for loot drops has been awesome. The moment they're gone, dropped rares become obsolete again

  9. Not better than OG harvest by a Longshot. OG harvest was an item printer.

  10. yeah but an item printer sucks, and item smasher/gambler is wayyyy more fun. plus harvest plots suck

  11. What's trash though? What does "actually playing it" even mean? What a dumb take.

  12. We are discussing some potential changes for 3.19 that would make this Discord channel far less necessary going forward.

  13. The old Bon Appetit videos were so fucking good. Gourmet makes was god tier youtube content imo.

  14. that moment was like peak YT imo. And then the world went to shit basically

  15. I admittedly don’t know much Keffals lore. But I remember hearing about an opioid addiction, and now every time I hear her, I notice how sluggish and dull her speech is

  16. damn i didn't know this, but this kinda puts everything into perspective

  17. I thnk you might just have a different type of view around value. there's a reason why a gucci bag produced from the same factory with same materials holds almost no value compared to one purchased from the verified store. Most bootleggers even fake receipts. That can't be done with NFT's, and even moreso that scarcity isn't "minted".

  18. We should really move away from scarcity based value and limited runs. The dead weight loss to society is massive in those cases.

  19. Yeah, you're thinking wayyyy to logically in an illogical market. I agree theoretically, but profiting off of people's inherent willingness to spend money to appear "special" has always remained to be a very lucrative model throughout modern history.

  20. all i see is a bunch of high value assets, clean streets, and a strong HOA, problem?

  21. The future all YIMBYs want is hong kong with their 2 m^2 apartments

  22. true and based take. the nimby world order must not be threatened by these soylent drinking genderless bots

  23. idk bro using someone whose clearly dying from a mental illness to attack someone for internet points is kinda a dick move ngl

  24. yes it is a dick move. how many times do we need to go through this cycle where destiny is a dick on twitter? are you guys expecting his engagement on twitter to ever change, and if so why?

  25. Idk about this one. Destiny shits on dgg constantly when people make fun of physical characteristics of someone.

  26. I don't think I've ever met someone that watches "Mickey Mouse"

  27. Keep seeing in here how POE "has no competition" etc yet Lost Ark trashes this game left and right despite POE fans claiming before LA launch that it wont happen.

  28. idc what anyone says, MDE in one season produced some of the best skits I've seen on TV.

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