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  1. HOLY SHIT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR TOO. My brother showed me this when I was a college freshman 20+ years ago!

  2. Damn. You have blended rhyming with freeverse. And it had a meaning. Just. Damn.

  3. This is the best comment I've ever received from my poetry. Thank you.

  4. Is "I overthought the title of this poem" the title of the poem? That's f'ing awesome.

  5. This is very cute. Also very hot wearing no shit. Way to go R2!

  6. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando. Lando Calrissian!

  7. You are designed to be exploited. You are young enough to whine. Break out or suffer the middle. I run IT for 9 companies and I barely pay a 1-bedroom apartment rent. Sacrifice yourself on the altar of love. Or bleed out.

  8. Settings -> Account -> Privacy & online safety -> Xbox Privacy -> pick your option. If you have custom selected go to View details & customize -> Communication & multiplayer and change settings for voice category to everybody.

  9. So I checked and it was already set to everybody.

  10. Check Rockstar support. I don't know. Sorry bud.

  11. Big Valley. Just circle the forest and stay in the grass. You'll find plenty. ;)

  12. I pat it, then feed it hay continuously. 2 hours later it's fully bonded.

  13. The legendaries and the bear pelt coat keep your core from draining in colder temperatures...

  14. I think if you go into Stable menu and horse there is a "dismount" selection.

  15. We ALL know Parkour was really all the rage in the 12th-century Holy Land... duh.

  16. It literally takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to produce a full wagon. You cant make it go any faster.

  17. Go to Big Valley and only target 3 star deer. 5 deer is a full cart in 15 minutes. 2 full carts 3 star deer will nearly fill your bar.

  18. Right, but you would need to fill the bar twice and wait 3 hours 20 minutes with 3 resupply missions and a delivery to make money.

  19. Didn't look up the benefits until this morning. Ran two today. 2.5K.

  20. Incitatus. It was Caligula's horse and he made it a senator in Rome.

  21. That's called flooding. Is your wireless access point 802.11 b, g, n or a? If it's b or g, you need to replace the device. This typically happens on an 802.11g.

  22. I’d have to look into it, is this caused by the game or other players?

  23. It's the amount of traffic your Xbox is trying to pass over your WiFi network. More players means more data and you're probably voice chatting too. Maybe someone is also streaming at your home... it's just there's too much crap for the device to handle. Just a guess.

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