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December 30, 2022 - Arrest Megathread

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  1. The girl washing the car in Cool Hand Luke.

  2. When dude said “I was throwing haymakers”, it’s just ridiculous. You picked up that badge. You took an oath to serve and protect. You’re not in the MMA. There is no additional merit received for assaulting someone during a “routine traffic stop”. those weren’t cops, they were kids, living out fantasies from years of being tormented as they matured. I feel sorry for them in a way, but feel they deserve the absolute worst sentence possible, because we trusted them to have our backs and up uphold what they swore to.

  3. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Is it possible that her intention was to actually get an education? If so this is actually sad.

  4. Why would that matter but if course your people are overseeing all affairs being handled by their black counterparts it’s standard procedure

  5. Yeah this totally nullifies all the climate issues.

  6. I'm gonna guess Barry and his sons are not killing animals at their home residence while chanting ancient mumbo jumbo.

  7. reddit when politicians pass pro-Christian legislation

  8. Real. I don't give two shits what religion anyone is but I ain't living next to people that are doing animal sacrifices right in their home. Also fuck pro-Christian legislation.

  9. No obvious injuries despite the close strikes. Hopefully a delayed reaction.

  10. Juiced was such an inspirational romance book. Doesn’t get any more romantic than Jose Canseco’s love for steroids!

  11. The baseball off Jose's head for a homerun is my favorite play in all of sports history.

  12. Not all my shots landed but I got a few of the vatniks and made it out alive with minimal brain damage.

  13. Thats what you get when you allow kids to watch conent/shows filled with violence - internet, streaming services like NF, etc.

  14. What am I talking about? Consistency to laws? A lot of the exceptions you are talking about are not actually exceptions, but instead the small print of law.

  15. The Anthony LaRette case is interesting. Very little known, but apparently quite prolific. However, part of me wonders if he could be a “serial confesser”. Do you know if his claims of being a prolific killer are reliable, and if there really was enough evidence to close 15 murder cases, and who they were specifically? It boggles my mind that if his claims are true, that his case is so obscure.

  16. Pretty sure Larette killed my mom's best friend Debra Reiss Simmons in Biloxi, Mississippi, 1976. When I was younger my mom had mentioned on multiple occasions that the lady who was her maid of honor at her wedding was stabbed to death by a serial killer, but not until recently did I get interested. Unfortunately she couldn't remember the killers name but she did remember some other things the victims mother told her and I'm 99% positive it's this guy. She knew he was executed in Missouri in the mid to early 90s and there aren't a ton of people on that list that were serial killers and this guy fits the bill. The murder happened in the right time period and Larette confessed to two murders in Biloxi. Knife was his weapon of choice. She said he was from Florida and while I don't know if this dudes "from" florida, he did spend time there and commit murders there.

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