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  1. Asturian, though I'm don't speak it fully everyday, instead I speak a mixed dialect (amestáu) of Spanish and Asturian, but my grandma only speaks Asturian.

  2. Greetings from León. Our people and our languages are siblings, and leonese is in even worse condition than asturian.

  3. I know, people usually say that the Galicians are our brothers but really it's our southern neighbors, I'm so sad for Leonese, you don't even have your own autonomous community, they definitely want to erase your culture, I hope some day León can have their own community as they deserve and their language protected.

  4. Hope so brother, hope so, it doesn't look good for us

  5. I want one I see the prices I no longer want one

  6. "La barbo de Zamenhof" estas mia nova preferata frazo.

  7. Wow, this is very interesting. I'm glad you shared this with us

  8. "Probando probando, un dos, un dos" or something along those lines in Spain

  9. Using IPA-diacritics. For example, the Spanish O is o̞ , because it's a little bit different from the o

  10. Given that PIE is only partially reconstructed, and that some parts will likely never be reconstructed, I don't think there's enough material to someone to speak it fluently. I could be wrong thought.

  11. Sango por la sango-dio in Esperanto. (Not my native language but it's cool)

  12. "The left pushed liberals away a long ago". Good

  13. ДДТ, Сектор газа, Кино, гражданская оборона

  14. You maybe can send an email to the developer. I did that with a problems I had with the desktop version of that app, and they answered me and gave me an answer

  15. I hope that people who use this system will never have to write millions or even billions

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