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  1. I have also come to think about this topic, it is quite strange that the fictitious cities of the Need For Speed games are located in the United States itself if we take into account that Pro Street and The Run, which are part of the canon, they use real locations. Still, it's quite an interesting topic.

  2. Is that the New York from Insomniac's Spider-Man videogame?

  3. I sometimes feel tempted to put the names of the protagonists of Kamen Rider to the protagonists of Persona, such as Takeru Tenkuji, Shinji Kido or Kotaro Minami.

  4. I wonder what a fight between Surge against Shadow would be like.

  5. I love seeing these together. For me Futaba and Sophia are mother and daughter.

  6. Great, now Yusuke is a Fire Emblem character,

  7. Ah, Speed Racer and Hot Wheels Acceleracers, two of the three things that were part of my childhood and shaped my love of cars and racing.

  8. In my case it would be to be able to play the ultimate race from the last movie, I love the idea of a race through all the realms.

  9. Accel (Axel, not the Kamen Rider) is very cultured indeed.

  10. How weird would an R34 with an R35 front end look in real life?

  11. Probably not considering that is basically carbon's logo. Although the logo for NFS Carbon is different in the UK

  12. Isn't that logo also the one that the game had in the beta versions?

  13. Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm already getting sick of seeing Adachi's face everywhere.

  14. Not in this game, but there’s Heat that’s she’s looking into playing next (maybe not next, sometime in the future)

  15. I remember that Kaela was going to stream Need For Speed Heat, but had to cancel it due to technical issues. It's a shame, because I really wanted to see Kaela play that game, I even woke up early so I wouldn't miss the stream, but well, I guess it will be another time.

  16. Unfortunately NFS Heat cannot run on Windows 11 and Her Windows 10 PC went bye bye.

  17. Oh, so that was why. Thanks for clarifying and also: Damn you EA.

  18. You know, for me it would be great if Toei made a movie like Geats vs. Shinobi, in which Zi-O somehow caused a merger of the Shinobi timeline with the current Geats timeline.

  19. Seriously, who would enter in the Blacklist with a Pontiac Aztek?

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