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  1. Nice idea 👍 We need to invite people soon! Certainly not take on me, that would be too simple. It changes over ans over. Currently i’d have to say: (I can’t pick just one) Bar room (basically this is a non-album song, it’s on the Memorial Beach Deluxe edition, because the demo was recorded during the Memorial beach sessions) hunting high and low, thought that it was you, keeper of the flame, cosy prisons. Tomorrow it might already change again. What’s yours?

  2. I LOVE Hunting High and Low. Gotta be one of my favorites but I love the whole Hunting High and Low album so that's fair. Take On Me is probably the most catchy and well known so I do like it but it's not my fav. Forever Not Yours is also very good and i'd recommend listening :)

  3. Yeah that song is good too. I know all of their songs except for some unreleased tracks.

  4. Come together by Paul and John sing here there and everywhere.

  5. Yeah with his powerful golden slumbers rock voice though 👍

  6. It has already been replied several times. So I’ll join them and say: G mixolydian

  7. I find it hard to say what’s popular and what’s not. There are the hit singles on the one hand, and there are the fans’ favourites on the other hand which I’d consider popular as well.

  8. I bought stadium Arcadium on vinyl and I don’t regret a single penny of it. It’s an incredible album

  9. I’m curious, how does it sound on vinyl? Did you listen to it on CD to be able to compare it?


  11. Stein=Stone, Frankfurt is full of crackcorpses

  12. I know what Stein means, I’m from Germany, but I’ve never heard of that.

  13. Creep is not in C Ionian. I’m pretty sure it’s G Ionian if I remember correctly. Sorry, I had to correct it, cause I was confused as I read C Ionian.

  14. Glam, like punk, etc., is more conceptual than aesthetic. That said, many of the most successful glam bands (Bowie, T-Rex, etc) were huge fans of the Beatles. Generally speaking, a lot of glam is amped-up 50s rock w some 60s psychedelic flourishes. I chose ‘Drive My Car’ b/c it’s poppy w a driving beat, but the guitars aren’t super up front, it has a lot of percussion flourishes, and the piano plays a prominent counter point in the chorus.

  15. Thank you. You should do a YouTube channel. I’ve got the feeling I don’t find good and detailed explanations/definitions of music genres referring to the musical aspect anywhere on the internet as you do!

  16. Schüler die von ihrem Politik-Lehrer dazu gezwungen werden.

  17. Ist doch mal spannend, dass im Studio miterlebt zu haben. War mal bei Günther Jauch damals in der Talkshow, war interessant.

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