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  1. There are no tournament players or content creators who main Fakurmom after nerf. You can look up some tournaments where he appears like ICFC, and figure out yourself how they play.


  3. man im in between 7-10 sec slower than all of these time. Lmao

  4. You shouldn't focus on the fastest times, that like 0.1% of the playerbase. Most of the people are in D2(Silver) or D3 (AM).

  5. As you should, play the character you enjoy most. I hate the game, not the player.

  6. People already hate 2-3 frame delay in online play, doubt Cloud will do it any better.

  7. How can you look at Gigas ass and not want to smack it, SMH

  8. Because people hate fat character's, which is kinda sad. I think Tekken does good on making more original characters instead of the stereotype muscular boy (although he's still more of a fat joke character). They should do the same with the female cast like muscular woman or more tomboy like. His move set is really strong being half a Mishima and allot of people place him in top 10. People should take the game less serious and have more fun with it.

  9. It suck's that Gigas is so bad at higher ranks, almost all of his strings are launch punishable. His best low (dB+2) can been seen by higher players. No throw mix-up, his stance is kinda garbage. It's rough to go through really defensive players. But he is really fun to play against people who have lesser knowledge of Gigas, but just try some characters and see who fits you most. It's fun to have a character with a different playstyle.

  10. I have 2 salt posts. I'm sorry if that's too much for you to handle.

  11. It's ok, so you figured out which Mishima you gonna play?

  12. Bob of course. He has the electric wind bob fist.

  13. Got nerfed though :( if you whiff it has 3 more recovery frames.

  14. I don't think you can run the game properly with an HD 5500 GPU, even if you play on the lowest settings you wont hit 60fps, i doubt you'll even reach 30. Which makes the game unplayable.

  15. i feel both are liable, bmw didnt expect the braking im assuming, and the McLaren possibly could’ve made sure they had more room before braking.. (also i think the bmw could’ve stayed behind with a inside line but thats just me)

  16. I mean, you kinda expect that the McLaren would break in a breaking zone. BMW was to close and used his breaks to late. BMW was also not along side enough to claim the line. BMW just punts him out of the race. BMW's fault.

  17. Jin, Leeroy or Asuka. Personally i think Jin has the best parry.

  18. Yeah but they were part of a season pass or am I mistaken ? I think I got all of the cosmetics unlocked after the 2000th fight but I don't remember paying for them or maybe I missed some of them.

  19. Got more then 9000 fights under my belt haven't unlocked all cosmetics, there are some golden outfits you have to pay for. They could be part of a season pass I wouldn't know, only got season pass 3. Gigass is best.

  20. They probably are because i have them. They don't go with any of my mains. Seriously they need to let me change people's skin color because right now none of these gold cosmetics are useful for my girlz.

  21. The inputs of gigas are really easy, but most of his strings are really punishable. His biggest strength is absurd combo damage and big boi posture.. really scary. Easy to win with on lower ranks, but hard to play on higher ranks, abuse his while rising 2,3 high crush, wall splat and does a good chunk of damage. Dick jabs and normal jabs are really strong because plus frame and long reach. His hopkick isn't appreciated enough. Play with the delayed strings to catch people of guard with weird timings. His Ff2 is really strong, but on whiff you are dead. Up forward 4 is also a really safe mid counter hit tool. But you'll lose your turn. But most importantly, make him pink with bull head to scare people.

  22. Almost no one plays the GT4 pack sadly, really fun cars to drive.

  23. The gods shined upon the GT4 world last weekend. I logged on and found... I shit you not....a 20 grid lobby at Nuremberg ring. All GT4s.

  24. Yeah, it's sad that people don't race them in public lobby's :(

  25. Well being a Xiao main that's usually my experience. Didn't realize that there were other characters that had this problem as well.

  26. Xiaoyu is a "rare" character and people don't bother to lab her, so they just skip the match-up. Playing characters like Kazuya or Bryan (there are like a million of them) will get you rematches because people know the match-up.

  27. Honestly all of that sounds very fun to me. I'm just one of those people who don't mind losing, because I know I'm learning from it. I'm learning what I need to improve on and what I need to change for myself.

  28. Connection on pc is slot better then PS4. But in higher ranks people are less likely to to skip you after 1 battle. Losing is learning, it's essential to the game, so you better have fun losing (:

  29. Tekken 7 will die when Tekken 8 comes out. But Tekken 8 hasn't been announced, we only got a teaser(ish)? You still got a whole season ahead of you.. it will take at least 1.5-2 years before Tekken 8 comes out

  30. Im learning Gigas, stuck at blue rank right now, unblockable from b2 is kinda useless because of the sparks i rarely use it.

  31. In high level play it's not really useful especially against Jin or leeroy because of the parry. It's still an okay 50 50.

  32. Its not 50 50, ppl can see the unblockable and just duck.

  33. Not in my experience, I doubt more then 1 percent of people can see the unblockable high. For online play it's more then viable.

  34. I feel like I really like playing as Gigas when I wanna play slow and defensively.

  35. No, i have no faith in F2P games there's always a catch to pull more money out of you.

  36. Meanwhile we gotta pay DLC characters to train against em. That pretty much pay 2 win on a p2p game, if u think back how leroy was.

  37. Not all DLC characters are over powered, look at armor king which is a very basic character. It's dumb that you can't lab them unless you have them, so you have to watch YouTube tutorials on the characters. Leeroy, Fakurmom, kunimitsu and Lidia are just way to strong in my opinion, and need a lot of labbing just to know what's going on.


  39. Nice, i was looking for a more current one. Thanks ^^

  40. These times seem off the charts fast. I just did 1:46 at Imola in the Mercedes and that felt like i was pushing it

  41. This is an old chart, not all tracks are on this list.

  42. I'd got partway into this video but didn't have time to finish it off. I'll get onto that now. Glad to know I'm not already behind for my time investment though.

  43. Just take your time and have fun. Try to race mainly against AI in the start, just know that the AI give you more space then real players will. Or hop in an online lobby and see how you go against real people, be sure you know the track so you drive predictable and stay on your line.

  44. You're still a rookie, 32 hours is nothing. It's not weird you have these problems, i started the same.

  45. Well at least you didn't lose because of a team mate like in league of legends. There you can't do anything about it and worst of all is that each game takes like 30 to 40 minutes.

  46. This is the main reason I started Tekken, if you lose it means YOU fucked up, not because your salty team mates. But I still get the salt if you lose a lot, then it's time for a break or quick matches untill you're less angry.

  47. Just play a wannabee Mishima, go play Bob. He's a character who excels with pressure and fast gameplay. He's not bland because you've got a ton of strings, WAVU WAVU, rolling, electrics and Hellsweeps. He's less execution heavy then Mishimas but has a high skill ceiling.

  48. I AGREE SHES ANNOYING really really really hate the new approach they took with her and i hope that they backtrack to serious julia,although even that version of her annoyed me (she was a bit of a hypocrite and couldnt keep her nose off king's business like gooo aawaaay let him deal with marduk!!)it was still miles better than this streamer phase shes gone thru

  49. Just turn her into a hippie or something but please not a streamer with a IPAD as a streaming device.. like damn who does that. At least give her a GoPro/smartphone or something, just to make it a bit more believable.

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