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  1. You want milk, and you want milk. Does anybody care what I want?

  2. It’s probably not really a “good” idea. I have a buddy who has some pretty serious depression and self-harm issues, and probably the worse he ever was and the most I was ever worried about him was during first year when we were at UW (him in ComSci, me in Eng). He’s thankfully much better now, but this is years after he dropped out after first year.

  3. I never would’ve guessed, I’ve never seen a jewish person with an english accent

  4. Yeah, Mason is a convert though. He was paralyzed in a street fighting incident in his youth. He was on death’s door, but credits God with his recovery and ability to live relatively comfortably in a wheelchair now. He wears the beanie to humble himself before God, as is Jewish custom through head coverings like Yarmulkes.

  5. MMA Guru can be funny but honestly he is the neckbeard archetype.

  6. Hey man, don’t be anti-Semitic. Put some respect on the name of the youngest disabled rabbi in Britain.

  7. Well the most influential/wealthy people in the world are still taking a shitload of precautions

  8. The people who wanted the lockdowns and vaccine passports to facilitate their “Great Reset” still support the measures associated with lockdowns and vaccine passports? That’s a real shocker there /s

  9. Iraqveteran8888 has a really good, comprehensive cleaning video that I used when I first got my SKS. It was my first gun, and cleaning it was my time holding a gun for more than like 15 minutes. I remember that video being excellent though, and they might have more content too.

  10. Anyone know what this show is typically like?

  11. It's usually a big show, typically there is lots of overpriced shit but there are always some good deals to be had on guns, ammo and accessories. If you're looking for something rare or unusual it can be a good place to look. I go almost exclusively to buy harder to find ammo for some of my older guns though usually end up walking out with something that was too good a deal to pass on. If you plan on going I'd recommend that you go first thing in the morning before everything gets picked over and all the good deals are gone.

  12. Thanks for the info. And yeah, as long as it’s reasonably big and has some variety, that should at least entertain me for a couple hours on a Sunday morning and ease my curiosity. Thanks for the tip about going early too.

  13. They still exist, you just have to get out of the main cities. It's like a mini time-machine.

  14. I started working in Ajax a few months ago, and all I see from your list are w*ggers, along with brown people (who I assume are from Pickering). Where the Emo babes at?

  15. It’s been so long… I almost forgot what a Scorpion Evo and vz.58 looked like, lol. Nice collection

  16. I remember a couple of times when we randomly went back to class a couple of days early after Christmas break, compared to most of the other schools. Maybe once or twice in my five years at Loo.

  17. When they said “the inflation is transitory” a lot of us (and I think fairly) assumed that “transitory” meant that higher prices would come and go. But no. What they really meant is that the 10%+ inflation would come, and then eventually go back down again to like 3%.

  18. Nothing has changed except how much corps are charging. Production and shipping costs are artificially inflated as well. The pandemic was extremely lucrative to the rich

  19. There’s still time to actually put like 5 seconds into understanding what you’re talking about and then delete this comment before anyone else sees it. There’s still time. Maybe this will put you on the right track?

  20. That's why margin percentage matters and not the gross number.

  21. Exactly! Even if they are making more (and I’m not necessarily saying they are or aren’t) it’s not like Loblaws making an extra 1% inflation adjusted net-profit on salmon is driving inflation more than the money supply still being over 3 times larger than what it was in 2020, due to government monitory policy.

  22. Yeah, that’s basically my experience too. Mine even runs some of the higher velocity sub-sonics reliably, which makes it really quiet to shoot.

  23. My GSG 16 rear sight broke off during shipping, so I just went to local Cabela and bought it in person instead.

  24. Yeah, it’s not really a problem. I took the irons off and threw a red dot on as soon as I bought the gun. It’s just something to look out for if you have the gun I’d say, since the plastic sights and sight protector wings are kinda flimsy.

  25. If it’s the original, fixed mag, then yes. You put it in, locking it in the lug under the barrel, then you slide the trigger group in after that. Maybe watch a YouTube video so you can see how it’s done if you’re unsure.

  26. I use BetMGM. It’s alright. Draftkings is probably better, but I’m too lazy to switch over. All the apps I’ve looked at are basically the same. Find one that has a good signup bonus right now and just go with that.

  27. Exactly. Most of the provinces run like well-oiled machines in most regards, relative to how the federal government operates. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

  28. Plus the federal government has almost no experience running complicated programs and public-facing services.

  29. Precisely. I didn’t think this was a hot take by me until now. Provincially run healthcare is awful, but now these people want to make that system literally 10 times bigger, and then hand it off to perhaps the only people in the country worse at running large systems than the provinces (see: the Canadian Military).

  30. Good work my guy. Losing 26lbs in 6 months is no joke. I will say though, I think you’d be surprised how much more weight you can still stand to lose.

  31. Anderson Silva, whose physique wasn’t really much better than Hill’s here for the majority of his career, was 100% on at least HGH during his prime (you can see the boxes in his closet during a house-tour video) and popped for anabolics once USADA came in (meaning he could’ve been blasting all along, but at least was using post-leg break).

  32. Crazy thing is even if he was I’m not mad. Look who he fought. Marquart, hendo, Sonnen, Belfort,Bonner.

  33. Oh yeah, even if he was a little juicy, he was probably below-average in terms of his level of sauce, relative to the guys he faced during his run, back in the pre-USADA days.

  34. That it’s close to Lazeez, and has plenty of toilets for after I’ve eaten the Lazeez

  35. Wait, so now when you make a loud sound while lifting, a loud alarm will sound to… discourage you from making more noise, while making noise itself? Cringe

  36. Does anyone have one of these or know about them?

  37. Great quality, super easy to change out.. but no way to mount an optic rail. 3-in-1 gun, so you're getting the convenience and space saving, but you're trading the option for an optic rail

  38. That’s a bummer. I’d love to throw a red dot on it and use it like a big Chiappa Little Badger.

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