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ClipArt, Me, Paperclips on Paper, 2023

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C'est magnifique

  1. For me it is very soothing. Lots of little things to pick up along the way too.

  2. When you push the back down to pop also jump at the same time. Like dipping your toe in boiling hot water jump out of the pop. Keep up the good work.

  3. It sounds like a beat that Scarface would rap on.

  4. Looks like you're about to do a grilled cheese haka.

  5. Oh man that must've been so nice, happy birthday.

  6. Love should not be based on religion, if I were in your position I would respect her choice and continue to go to church myself with as little fuss as possible. If your love hinges on being religious together then how do you call that real love. Not everyone in heaven will be a member. Now that she has had a change of heart you have drawn away from her, if this was just a stumbling block for her you have reinforced it. Why not just say "it's your choice, I love you, but I am going to continue doing what I believe".

  7. I think it's time for your all liquor diet to begin.

  8. Man that sucks, is there anything you can do to cheer yourself up? You should spoil yourself for a couple days to get out of the hole and then try to connect with someone. I know it's really hard to find friends these days.

  9. Oh man, I am sorry for yours and your family's loss. It might sounds kooky but when you are alone say some goodbyes outloud and tell her thanks for all the wonderful things she has done. I think it can be very therapeutic and on the off chance that there is something after death maybe she will hear you. Give your parent that lost their mother a hug too. My condolences.

  10. What an idiot, I don't relish their suffering but what the hell did they expect.

  11. Having a bad day? Did you try power cycling it?

  12. Graffitti in Belfast, 1992, follows;-

  13. With a bow and arrow things are nice but I find melee combat with human enemies to be janky and frustrating.

  14. It's never as hard as it is worth it. You guys going to have to tackle things together and look out for eachother. If you guys are successful at raising a family you will have one of the best outcomes when your older - for instance you will be only be 41 when your child is 20. Dude nail this family thing, love comes above all else. Not everything will be perfect but with the right attitude you guys can make this a great thing. My son is 3, this stage of my life is the best I have ever experienced. Good luck.

  15. That old guy shouldn't be judging you like that. God loves you, do your best.

  16. There's a saying that "if you love it let it go". Finding someone is tough, I sympathize with you. Try to change up what you can and give it another shot with someone else.

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