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  1. Yeah Chrome Mando is quickly disappearing and becoming more and more expensive so I’m really considering picking this version up.

  2. Everywhere I look people are parting ways with this piece for the chrome Mando. I'd imagine you could find one pretty cheap ATM.

  3. Me, your first line supervisor, wondering why my soldier doesn't have gas money:

  4. It's crazy to me that we spend this much money on these items and many can't even be posed for extended periods.

  5. I think that's a video the girl posted after Pete Buttigig suspended his presidential campaign. But my memory is a bit fuzzy and google isn't confirming it for me.

  6. I may be purchasing one from FB group seller later today as well. Stupid obi wan. Why didn't I get into this before you sold out

  7. Be prepared for little to no interaction though, fair warning. They are notorious for their shyness. They often will not move or eat if you are in the room. Not a species that enjoys handling or interaction really. Everyone in the reptile hobby wanted them, then when it became apparent they struggle even as largely non-contact pets their demand began to fade.

  8. I would definitely collect Jurassic park figures if they released them. Have you looked into iron studios at all? They make statues, but are really good. They have a Jurassic park line. Just announced a piece for Gennaro's death a few days ago I believe.

  9. Honestly bearded dragons and leopard geckos are the two best beginner lizards for those looking for the typical lizard experience. That being something active and handleable. Crested geckos easily belong up there with them in terms of ease of care, but they aren't nearly as enjoyable to watch or interact with.

  10. I would like to have an animal that can subsist off of a mealworm farm that I'm planning to make. I think maybe a bearded dragon is the way to go!

  11. So mealworms are not a great staple diet insect feeder. They are great snacks, but are high in fat. I suspect the bearded dragon in this photo was fed them almost exclusively. It's not that uncommon, many find them easier to manage than crickets. There aren't any reptiles that can live off of a diet of strictly mealworms. Anything you get will require varying food sources. Crested geckos may be your best bet if you want to avoid dealing with other insects. They are usually fed a dehydrated powder blend, but many will happily take a couple mealworms every couple days. Though that would not be enough to control the populations you would have in a mealworms colony.

  12. That’s exactly how much I paid for mine and he’s worth it imo

  13. Have you had any issues with color transfer?

  14. I'm on the fence about buying one myself, the 20 year anniversary of ROTS is a few years away and I can only assume they'll re-release Obi and Anakin. On the other hand I would love it Hot Toys did a Grievous lol

  15. See if the anniversary is a few years away, the figure itself is at least another year past that. I don't think I am strong enough to wait another half a decade to get an Obi-wan lol

  16. Tank commander is hopefully fucked. Looks like he may have caught some of that

  17. Why do all ruSSian things look like something that we had in the US back in the 1950s?

  18. Because they are. The Mi-8 was originally designed in 1960, and was adopted in 1968

  19. Reddits answer to every single marital spat is divorce. This is objectively hilarious

  20. Which is extra funny when you consider how many people on Reddit have never even talked to a woman before.

  21. This is also how you end up losing cats.

  22. Clones aside, I'd really like a droideka. That shit would sell like hot cakes

  23. I don't own Jango, there are plenty of Mandalorians to jump for, but in many of the collections I have seen here that particular piece really seems to steal the show.

  24. Had no idea cougars and llama lived in the wild together.

  25. We tend to think of mountain lion as a north American species, and picture them in rocky mountainous terrain like Colorado. In reality mountain lion are found through the entirety of the Americas. Canada, down through central America, and the far southern tip of south America.

  26. This is the kind of video these girls will laugh about for the rest of their lives.

  27. In a few years when people will need that extra slab on their ear to help them swim in what will then be California, this post will be published on

  28. What if we used all the discarded earlobes to fashion a large inflatable tube for the Californians to float away on

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