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  1. Let's try to give a final end-all answer. Some streetcars are slower and have less capacity than buses. Some electric buses on graded routes can do a very good tram impression. And there are trolleybuses. So the lines are blured.

  2. If there is an accident, maintenance or other reason to close a route with trams there is no more service. Buses can be rerouted.

  3. I'd shame you if, like a few of my work colleagues, you used your car to drive what would've been a 15 minute walk instead.

  4. Dit is oud nieuws. Ik verwijs iedereen ook graag naar pagina 44 van het regeerakkoord: "Deze coalitie gebruikt daarnaast de middelen uit het Europees herstelfonds ter financiering van de plannen uit onder meer dit coalitieakkoord."

  5. Dat waren dus nog niet toegezegde gelden. Mede omdat de vorige regering nog geen plan wilde indienen want demissionair.

  6. We still can all agree. Build few but good roads where cars are needed. Build for people, with car free spaces, wide side walks, bike paths, where people live.

  7. Don't we agree with him? Build less roads for cars and more bike paths. Everybody happy!

  8. More and more autonomous systems are entering our world. Instead of simple algorithms, trained AI systems can make decisions on their own. But there is no guarantee that these decisions will always be good or that these autonomous systems will always behave. The debate on autonomous cars has been going on for some time now. But how about other systems? In an effort to provide users’ rights with better protection, the European Commission is tightening the AI Liability Directive.

  9. Was there any other option? Good that they did this, trickle down economics has never been proven. Also a strange idea, people who have everything don't start spending much more locally when they have more money.

  10. I was not sure about that so I didn't want to make that claim. Do you have a link? I'm curious, about economics in general and about how some politicians still think giving the rich more money is good for the economy.

  11. No. Although I do like the idea and I'm in favour of being very strict on cars hindering people I don't think this will work. First I'm scared of vigilanty citizens. I usually does not bring out the best in people. Secondly with the rapid development of AI producing fake evidence is very easy.

  12. Not necessarily but it would be nice if they started allowing cyclist to use the drive thru. Sometimes i just want to grab something quick and not spend 5 mins locking down my bike just to go in. That is assuming they even have a place to safely and securely lock it up.

  13. Waiting in-between fuming cars? Ordering through a crappy loudspeaker? Not for me. Just lock up, go in, use the kiosk. I don't know the value of your bike or the safety of your neighbourhood, but someone stealing my bike in the meantime seems very unlikely.

  14. Most EV innovation is in batteries and (to a lesser extend) motors/drivetrains. Most of this innovation does not come from the car manufacturers. You can trust GM to know how on suspension, ergonomics and other regular car parts. So this is not very surprising. The building costs for this car likely have come down over time, as batteries became cheaper. So it is probably a good car for GM too.

  15. Okay, then don't go? I absolutely love it every single time I go. It's still a magical experience and absolutely a different world you're entering into

  16. Probably won't for a while. I have been many, many times in the past 20 years. Saw very little changes. Did see a few things get worse. Currently I don't think it is worth is any more. It is great you still enjoy it and I don't want to take away from your joy.

  17. Even if you love cars you see the total emptiness of this remark. If this is your platform you have no ideas, no plans for the future, you have nothing.

  18. The website says the same. It is either their database or it is Disneyland Paris being cheap again.

  19. In 1981, Fokker Aircraft proposed a carrier onboard delivery (COD) variant of their F28 jet for the US Navy's MMVX competition. MMVX (Multi Mission Tactical Support) was a program to replace the Grumman C-2 Greyhound, a transport development of the E-2 Hawkeye AEW aircraft.

  20. Would Fairchild make sense as a partner? They were licence builders of the Fokker F27 turboprop.

  21. There is no free money, remember that

  22. Where do you draw the line? We didn’t move everyone out of New Orleans after Katrina.

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