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“Zeppelin Remix” LJ Kuring, oil on canvas, 2022

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  1. God help you when he picks up that sword again.

  2. Ay you forgot about Raiden,Raiden and also Raiden.

  3. So this is where Honda went after leaving things behind for RedBull.

  4. Maybe in ultra instinct mode he can beat royal guard

  5. He already have royal retreat tho…

  6. it is simple but it looks hella awesome and motivated. i like it

  7. The real Multiverse Of Madness(M.O.M)

  8. His hand is more stable than my future.

  9. Looks great! The coat is very close to the original! Good job!

  10. Im in the process of coloring it so should the coat be the original or the new black coat.

  11. Screw it, mix black and blue and make a new color for him.

  12. We also have Woman☕️,Nyck,Tristan and Kylie

  13. There’s no such thing as a waifu better than that of Speedwagon.

  14. Batman should be smarter from a storytelling perspective cause if not then he’d be rendered useless

  15. Delete it before you fall down the rabbit hole.

  16. The belt but battle ready version so I can get everything.

  17. Is it just me or they all looked like each other with a different color?

  18. Adam West and Julie Newmar from the 1966 series.

  19. That’s a worth while reward if you ask me.

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