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  1. Not enough for you to put this much thought and effort in. Find a modding reddit and ask them, most people here won't know or care.

  2. It may not be flashy like the PS4 or 5, but everything exists on a single screen and in an obvious place, I can't understand why anyone thinks its a BAD UI

  3. I think it's a matter of taste. I honestly find it really hard to navigate, whereas PS5's UI felt more obvious and practical.

  4. I mean fine, but it’s scrolling left and right on a screen. Video, games and PSN stuff are basically grouped next to each other. This is like panicking because you need to scroll right to get to another game in the list on PS5

  5. Was it that bad? It's not on my list but I've read what people are saying. Seems like mixed reviews.

  6. I like IV quite a bit, however the one trophy for playing 40 hours is taxing. You can pretty much take your time and be done with everything in the game by 30 hours. I ended up having to leave my consoles on overnight with the game running for both the PS3 and PS4 versions

  7. No I use one of 47 other devices in my house that can connect to Youtube.

  8. Probably not, but go to the PS5 version in the store and see if it lets you pay the $10 extra to upgrade, because there is a cost difference. Only the ultimate edition came with both versions

  9. Yeah but I don't think it will give credits, just collectibles. I don't expect credits to come from anything that released more than a month ago honestly, will just be future things

  10. On a chance at that. There was no proof anything would work.

  11. Yep, as is literally said in the game "it can't be for nothing"

  12. Ellie says that line referring to their whole ordeal meaning nothing if they don’t follow through, meaning meet the fireflies. So at the end it really was all for nothing, except Joel’s own selfishness

  13. Yes I know why she says it, I am using the line as character analysis for Joel

  14. I doubt it will be retrospective. Otherwise people with a decade of history of PSN transactions and hundreds of platinums with start with millions of credits, and they can own/buy almost anything from the get-go.

  15. I suspect they'll do it retrospectively with many core PS franchises, but most of the things will be from new games going forward after launch of the service. Rewards long time users, but doesn't give them a ridiculous amount of coins (or old stuff may just give collectibles instead of coins anyway)

  16. No, and pretty much no service would ever do that. That is borderline begging for people to crack your software

  17. Does that game not work anymore? If so its a rare case

  18. it works, the lighting engine is just buggered and it makes fractals everywhere

  19. Wow after a few months of great games this and September has not been good.

  20. Injustice 2 is one of Netherrealms best games and Superhot is a massive cult favorite. "I don't like this" and "not good" are very different things

  21. Fall Guys technically has 2 lists, but you needed to download a new launcher for it so it was in essence another game.

  22. Playstation Canada tweeted about it when it was revealed, so we will definitely get it. GS and Amazon will very likely have them, best to just keep an eye on the US Gamestop site as things usually are available on there before Canada

  23. I disagree - unless they went with Hayter for Big Boss and Sutherland for Venom. Which they didn’t…

  24. Would've loved this. Even if they only used Hayter for The Truth mission and the additional ending cutscenes

  25. I think the misstep (in retrospect) was letting Hayter voice Naked Snake. If they'd gotten Keifer then, they could have had a unique voice entirely for BB. (Or let Hayter do the lines for real BB in PP but that would have given away the twist really hard)

  26. It could've but considering Kiefer voiced both its not like the twist was entirely out of left field. Could've also been interesting if Hayter voiced BB in The Truth mission as the entire point of that mission is to paint a clearer picture of the events

  27. I think for me its the S ranking all the stages that have always held me back. Can usually get through 75% of the stages with S, but there are always a few that are a pain. I just don't have the dexterity 20 years and 2 broken hands later

  28. Looks like you glued pieces of a Dualsense onto a Wii U screen

  29. 7-8/10 is only OK lol? Is 5/10 a bad game for you?

  30. Stupid as it sounds, but as most games release to around a 7-8 rating these days, a 7 IS considered an average game now. I 1000% agree its stupid, because that is literally not how math works, but its something I have heard from a few former journalists who used to review professionally

  31. Hey, worst case scenario is that I'm wrong and they'll actually make something with the series

  32. I mean, I think that is the BEST case scenario. Worst case scenario would be they try to recall all copies and attempt to wipe the series off the face of the earth for good

  33. [literally anything] is always going to be legit because its a sub-domain on the main playstation site

  34. You can do a lot of the main MP list solo, but you need at least one person to help you with a bunch (I did some of them myself with a second PS3) and then getting 8 people together for Posse Up is the real pain. Honestly the servers CAN be fine, but you can also get into hacked lobbies and it becomes a nightmare. Its a popular enough game with trophy hunters that you can try to setup/join some scheduled times on PSNProfiles and get some trophies done that way

  35. Not me, after 200 hours, thinking they disappear if you don't get them by the end of the day

  36. It's why I keep a save file before each of her missions

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