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  1. How do I fix this issue on my phone? 🤔 I just got the X3 4 days ago, & today was the first time I used it, had no issues, downstairs the video, but then tried to export but it was saying my phone needs more storage, well after fixing that issue, went to go try to export it again & the whole screen on my phone is green, but showing the regular picture through the camera

  2. Do all the files have the same issue? You can send more details to our service team via email at the address

  3. At the very least, I would love to have the preset positions mapped to buttons on my Stream Deck.

  4. I understand I can't plug the x2 quick reader into the x3, but can I still use the x2 reader by taking the SD card out of the x3 and putting it into the x2 reader, then plugging it into my phone for editing with the app

  5. Omg I just purchased new card. Sandisk extreme 250gb and it happened again! All my footage gone! I tried two different pc exact same thing! Please help.

  6. Did you try to do the factory reset on the camera? Will the card recognize by the PC properly through the card reader?

  7. No it doesn't work through card reader. Something in the camera is corrupting the sd cards. I don't want to factory reset the camera until I can successfully retrieve the footage that is on the sd card.

  8. Then the issue might be related to the card if the card reader won't even work either.

  9. Thanks for the reply. I understand the basic premise of Timelapse photography (multiple pictures taken over a "longer" amount of time, stitched together to create a "shorter" video). But I'm specifically wondering about the settings/choices on the X3. Can you confirm, or correct, my following assumptions..?

  10. Not exactly, the length of the final video depends on how many photos you were shooting, it has nothing to do with the interval time, it's related to the record time and the number of your photos.

  11. What does that mean! "Swipe the camera screen to right again"? Can uou make a video, or just give a better step by step guide?

  12. Same here, brand new camera and insta360 SD card. I did a couple of test videos and conected it, everything went smoothly. I repeat the process and the computer asked for format. I did it and on the computer and went ok. But next time the same.

  13. Did you try with another card or the same card but with a card reader?

  14. Please reach out to our service team via email at the address

  15. Hi. For the photos I'm shooting in HDR. The video has been at 4k 30fps. Here's a link to the screenshot of when I'm trying to export a photo.

  16. I sent you a PM again. You can upload files to Google Drive and share the link with me.

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