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  1. Thank you, I will. Anything else? I paid for the game and if they say they are going to do something, they should do it and not be, well, like you, an apathetic jack ass.

  2. your post itself is bitchy. you didn't expect that to be returned?

  3. both can taste better than the other if you know how to cook lol

  4. a lot of people said Ted bundy was their friend so there was no way he could've done what he did, but we all know how that turned out. sorry your friend never told you he was a kid fucker bro.

  5. hi everybody, before witchhunting please read this, it was automatically removed by reddit for some reason.

  6. people saying it's dumb are losers. dope tattoo to show you love something and if anyone has a question about it all you have to do is explain it

  7. surprised the cops didn't come shoot the one recording at the end

  8. oh I absolutely own it on cd. got it signed and everything. however, that doesn't help me when my primary method of listening to music is through my stereo monitors (pc doesn't have cd reader) or on my phone (can't put a cd into a phone)

  9. Get a $5 CD portable drive or pirate the album you have. The answers to your questions are always the same, though. Licensing issues or similar.

  10. sooo buy physical because it helps the artists.. but also just pirate it. gotcha 💀

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