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  1. Idk why, but out of all of them, that colt is prob my fav. I’ve always wanted a DOE colt 9mm clone, something about the colt pattern 9mm AR is hot!

  2. I see you like broomhandles…somewhere there’s a Mickey D’s with a dirty floor just waiting for your attention.

  3. I have no words to describe how I feel at this moment.

  4. I'm pretty sure his body is actually in this picture just cropped out. If you take a trip to

  5. There a gun store near me that still has a brand new red jacket firearms 5.56 suppressor for sale. They got way back in the day and it still hasn’t sold.

  6. It’s great to see Eddie Murphy and Rick James in the same studio. Was that Charlie Murphey sitting in there too? They got some craaazy stories, that’s for sure.

  7. The closed tine doesn’t have the labyrinth seals like the 3p and 4p. You may see some benefit in switching. The closed tine warcomp is even worse when it it comes to carbon.

  8. Ahhh, the Tec-9. That model jams more than Phish in concert.

  9. I never had the tec9, but my brother had a tec22 and it was horrible. Granted .22 isn’t as reliable as 9mm. Most of the malfunctions like the one in this video are from user error. It seems criminals don’t spend much time at the range.

  10. Have to share this Buckethead video where all the imagery is based on this piece by Bosch

  11. Very cool! Im curious who did the drum work on that pc? Buckethead is a virtuoso!

  12. What I wouldn’t do to get a M45 for less than $6000 on GunBroker

  13. That food must be super cheap. That many and they only racked up $500? I took my wife to Ruths Chris Steakhouse and spent almost $300 on just the two of us.

  14. It’s the ones you don’t see that you gotta worry about.

  15. What we missed was the red circle, just out of view, where the two ended up standing. Just offscreen, after the wall fell, they were attacked by alligators and crushed by another falling wall.

  16. Nice. Didn’t think you would actually try it out. Way to see it through!

  17. 1911’s with an internal extractor sometimes need a little fine tuning. Sometimes just taking the extractor out and putting it back in will do the trick. Might need to be slightly bent. First I’d try stripping it apart, remove the extractor, put it back in and reassemble. If that doesn’t do the trick, it will need to be removed and “tuned”.

  18. In my assessment, she is showing you how to use less TP.

  19. I thought cuz he poops too much. Costing her too much money buying toilet paper lol

  20. That was my ass-essment. Looks like she is saying to cut back on the amount of tp used with this one simple trick.

  21. Well, I used to dislike to them. But after getting to know them more, I realized they are misunderstood creatures who can be really cute if you give em a chance. They definitely want to be left alone above all else!

  22. They can look terrifying, but that’s only when they are terrified. The most they usually do is open their mouth wide and drool all over. Weird defense mechanism, but it works. Most ppl think they’re about to bite. That’s usually not the case though. I usually have a family or two around my house every year. They are cute.

  23. Yeah they are, theyre oftentimes more subsonic than you think because companies coldload .40 out of fears of past glock ww kabooms

  24. And most of those were due to the amount of unsupported chamber above the feedramp, correct? And didn’t they change the design so it was more supported?

  25. I’m waiting till I see more footage from the same night. There should be at least 5 other angles from this night.

  26. I love all the people asking what's going's in the explanation that line of text that's barred out...don't be stupid now.

  27. I always love seeing the cutaway examples. Very cool conversation piece/ teaching aid.

  28. Very cool. Not much has really changed for rimfire suppressors, Besides modularity. If it works it works. The only significant changes in the suppressor world has been with flow through designs and 3D printing and that’s all been within the last decade or so.

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